Decoding Elec’s Wish To Take Over Universe 7 In DB Super

Elec is a character shrouded in mystery as he made a wish that buffed up Gas in Chapter 78. What does Elec plan to do with the Cerealian Dragon Balls? Let's discuss

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from Chapter 78 of the Dragon Ball Super Chapter Manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

This post consists of speculations and theories based on what we know till DBS Chapter 78 (Check out the full review here!). So keep in mind that the ideas presented here may or may not be true.

Elec finally makes his wish in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 and unfortunately, the details of the wish are hidden from readers.

He and the Heeters organized the entire battle between Granolah and the Saiyans based on a deception communicated to them separately.

While Monaito explains the truth behind the whole history between the Cerealians, Saiyans and the schemes involved, the Heeters set their eyes on finding the Dragon Balls and making their wish come true.

Elec uncovered the existence of Dragon Balls while examining the data from OG73i. And he rightfully speculated that they were used to wish Frieza back to the living world. He wanted to know more about them, so he sent Macki and Oil to go inquire from the biggest intel broker in the Universe – Lord Zuno.

Based on the knowledge he received, he would have made the wish. But what would that wish be…?

What is Elec’s Wish For Gas?

Macki announces that Gas is the strongest warrior in the Universe. If that’s the case, then Elec asked Toronbo to make Gas the strongest warrior. Plain and simple.

Or is it….?

Elec is a figure who is noted for being clever and deceptive. From the front, Elec wanted to have a friendly relationship with Granolah. But the desire to trick and backstab is quite apparent. Also, he fooled the Saiyans into thinking Granolah was a bad guy and needs to be disposed of.

By analyzing his cunning nature, what if I told you Elec plans to use Gas and the others for his own selfish goal that he has not revealed so far? What if a betrayal is on the way?

To understand this better, let me run through Elec’s relationship with Gas so far.

Elec and Gas – A Puppeteer’s work in action

The relationship between Elec and Gas can be summarized as follows – Elec talks, Gas agrees. Elec moves, Gas protects.

In other words, Elec has entered Gas’s mind so much so that the latter blindly thinks his leader is thinking of his and the other’s well-being. Let me explain.

Elec keeps telling Gas how strong he is but doesn’t have full confidence in him. Like a stockbroker, he focuses on hedging his risks.

In Chapter 78, even Monaito acknowledges how strong Gas is. But the tribal-looking alien still lost to Bardock. We still have to know how though.

Here’s the first description of Elec on Gas:

Elec's diplomatic view on Gas
Chapter 68 – Elec’s confidence in Gas

“Pride and joy of our little family” I mean, yeah he’s the strongest in their group and all but Elec knows the limitations and uncertainties. The instincts of a broker are at play here.

When Granolah whacked the shit outta Oil and Macki, Elec stopped Gas from joining in the fight. He probably assumed Gas would lose and didn’t want him to go through another PTSD battle as he did with Bardock.

Elec prevents Gas from fighting Granolah
Chapter 70 – Elec prevents Gas vs Granolah

Gas is pretty surprised at Elec’s instruction. Feelings of demoralization crept into his mind. The Heeter asked his leader why he didn’t let him fight Granolah. Elec diplomatically answers he’s saving him for the crucial moment to strike.

Gas revealed his disdain for Granolah in Chapter 78. “Elec could have seen some value in your strength, but not me,” he said. It’s possible that he assumed Elec valued Granolah more than him.

Jealousy could have sprouted the instant Granolah declared himself to be the strongest in the Universe. As a result, he felt inferior to the person he despised the most.

Elec might have spotted this feeling and decided to use him for his own purposes. Throughout the arc, Elec gradually instills in Gas a false sense of worth in terms of strength, and Gas is led to believe in Elec’s plan.

In other words, Gas is being manipulated into thinking Elec knows the best for everyone, including himself, hereby watering the seed of faith in his heart.

Compilation of hints that suggest Elec is manipulating Gas
Elec giving Gas a false sense of confidence

And Gas, like a child in need of attention, agrees to whatever Elec says and proposes.

Gas trusts Elec too much for his own good
Elec getting into Gas’s mind

In fact, Gas has been the right-hand man for Elec since God knows when. We see the boy defending his brother in Chapter 68 where he pins down an anxious Granolah who rushed to Elec in order to force Frieza’s location out of him.

It’s pretty clear that Gas has naively accepted Elec’s plan to take over Frieza’s army. For a while now I’ve been wondering, if Gas believes he is more than adequate as the lone muscle required for the Heeters, why would he accept to add in Frieza’s army? Isn’t he more than capable of removing any impediments in the way of the Heeters?

That might be exactly what Gas will be thinking post-wish. And this will definitely be a point of conflict for the Heeters. Elec would think that they need more muscle but Gas thinks he’s more than enough. And that’s where Elec might betray the others and reveal his real plan.

Another point that adds weight to the betrayal theory is, Elec clearly said that if they require more muscle, they’d hire the best that money can buy. So Gas getting stronger wouldn’t be the end game of his plan.

Moreover, he said, “dominating others with military might is a relic of the past” which also emphasizes that powering up Gas to kill Goku, Vegeta and Granolah isn’t the actual way of getting rid of them but there’s another way.

And this “another way” could be Elec’s actual wish which he’d make in upcoming chapters.

But before I get into that, let’s take a look at the transition of Elec’s plans in the Granolah arc so far.

The transition of Elec’s plans

Things didn’t always go as Elec originally planned. He doesn’t lose his calm, however, and quickly devises a counter-plan.

Elec’s original plan was to make Granolah steal OG73i from Goichi and get the intel necessary to pinpoint Lord Zuno’s location. Since the latter’s palace is under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Patrol, the Heeters couldn’t find it.

They did get Zuno’s location via Seven-Three’s data but, they also got to know something more valuable: the existence of Dragon Balls.

Claiming to be an intel connoisseur, I’m surprised Elec didn’t know about Dragon Balls way before. Monaito seems to have done an excellent job of concealing them

This revelation caused him to drastically alter his plans. I’m not sure what he would have originally asked Zuno, but queries regarding the Dragon Balls have taken precedence.

Elec finds out about the Dragon Balls
Chapter 70 – Elec’s discovery of the Dragon Balls

Things even got even serious when Granolah showed up out of nowhere to announce the new strongest warrior in the Universe. Elec didn’t believe it at first but, after seeing the Cerealian chew up Oil and Macki for breakfast, he understood Granolah isn’t a bullshitter.

He questioned Granolah’s newfound power by asking where and how he got it. Just a few days ago prior to these events, he was pinned down by Gas pretty easily. Now, Elec was hesitant to allow Gas to fight him. There’s obviously some foul play going on.

When Elec learned that Granolah used the Cerealian Dragon Balls to make his wish come true, Elec’s interest in the orbs skyrocketed. But what was shocking to him was that there exists a condition.

The laws of equivalent exchange apply to Toronbo’s wish-granting powers (that is when the wish is beyond his capacity to grant under normal circumstances).

It’s possible that Elec could have started planning regarding Gas’s wish right here.

Elec finds out how Granolah became the strongest in the Universe
Chapter 70 – An idea of a wish…

The Heeters had to act quickly. Granolah couldn’t wait for long for an answer and because of the decrease in lifespan, he’d grown even more impatient.

Granolah would definitely become a thorn in their plans and needs to be eliminated ASAP.

Recalling Seven-Three’s data, Elec thought about pitting the Saiyans and Granolah against each other. Elec knew about Granolah’s grudge not only with Frieza but also the Saiyans so he could use it to his advantage.

So Elec came up with the following plan:

  • Send Macki and Oil to Zuno and ask him critical questions, including Goku’s and Vegeta’s weaknesses and about the Cerealian Dragon Balls.
  • From there, Macki and Oil should proceed to the Saiyan’s households and ask their wives (One of Goku’s and Vegeta’s weaknesses) to summon their husbands.
  • Goku and Vegeta are battle-crazed maniacs with a lot of braggadocio in terms of strength. So, if someone declares himself/herself to be the strongest warrior in the Universe without first going through the Saiyan duo, they are bound to retaliate.
  • While waiting for the Saiyans to arrive, Macki and Oil should rummage around Bulma’s house for the Dragon Radar.
  • After their arrival on Earth, Macki and Oil are to take the Saiyans to Planet Cereal, the battleground for the fated brawl – Saiyans vs Cerealian.
  • Elec and Gas would join the others in due course.

Oil was instructed to go to the battlefield to monitor and convey the happenings while the other 3 searched around for the Dragon Balls.

Elec’s idea for pitting the Saiyans against the Cerealian is to hit two birds with one stone.

Without any involvement of their own, the Saiyans and Granolah would wear each other off. After the dust settles, they’d swoop in and kill the leftovers.

But something happened that wasn’t part of the plan. Well, a couple of things actually.

One, the battle continued for longer than anticipated.

Elec's reasoning for pitting the Saiyans and Granolah against each other
Chapter 75 – the purpose of Saiyans vs Cerealian

The other is, Monaito interrupted the brawl and blurted out the truth about the Cerealian massacre, Bardock’s involvement and Elec killing Granolah’s mom.

In the flashback portion of Chapter 78, Elec threatened to kill Monaito and Granolah if the Namekian ever told the truth to his adoptive son. But Monaito felt guilty and was forced to blurt it all out for the sake of Granolah.

Now that the gig was up, Elec thought about Gas’s wish a lot more seriously and decided to go with it.

When they finally located the 2nd Dragon Ball, Elec instructed Macki and Gas to go finish off their worn-out adversaries while he makes an appointment with the Cerealian Dragon Toronbo.

While his in-between plans alter from time to time, Elec’s ultimate goals remain the same – to take control of Frieza’s army, gather as much intel and money as possible and rule over Universe 7.

Now that we got the setup, it’s time to address the elephant in the room – Elec’s wish and then some.

What could be Elec’s plan with the Dragon Balls?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 showed Elec making a wish that resulted in Gas becoming taller, stronger and sharper. Macki described the Heeter as the new strongest warrior in the Universe. But what exactly was the wish? Let the speculations begin!

Elec’s first wish – Make Gas the strongest.

He did say to Gas that he’ll make his wish come true. Gas’s desire is to get revenge against the Saiyan who humiliatingly defeated him 40 years ago. Goku, being the son of Bardock, is the next best alternative.

But Gas’d have Granolah and Vegeta to deal with before Goku. So he had to be stronger than both.

My first theory is, Elec actually made the same wish Granolah did. However, there has to be a condition. And I have two ideas regarding that.

Elec, via Macki and Oil, asked Zuno how to bypass the condition. If that’s the case, Gas became the strongest with little or no repercussions. He merely has to train and gain experience on how to unleash and use his innate power to its full potential.

This might be too convenient. So I don’t think this is such a good idea (Unless there’s something else about the Cerealian Dragon Balls we don’t know yet).

Second theory – Elec made Gas stronger by asking the Dragon to bring forth his latent potential. And that doesn’t require any condition. This would mean Gas’s latent potential > Granolah’s and the Saiyans’ strength.

This could be a possibility. But not exactly sure about the power comparison. We haven’t seen Granolah fight Gas with his full strength, so it could turn out the other way around.

Third theory – Elec made Gas stronger via fusion. He could either fuse with Seven-Three or Elec himself.

The Heeters could have brought Seven-Three with them to Planet Cereal. The Android could be in their ship. Fusing with him might enable Gas to have access to Moro’s, Merus’s and Vegeta’s powers.

Fusing with Elec… well, he isn’t on the battlefield right now, so one can speculate that he’s inside Gas’s body, with their brains becoming one (He could be controlling Gas in this manner).

But the 2nd part of the third theory (fusing with Elec) might not happen because Elec is too important a character to fuse with his comrade. What if he gets killed while fighting the Saiyans and Granolah? Too risky of a move for a person who likes to play it safe and hedge risks.

Even if the wish involved a condition (decrease in lifespan), it’s possible it wouldn’t have mattered that much to Gas.

The Heeters have a long lifespan. If you compare their looks from 40 years ago to now, there’s hardly any difference. Gas has merely grown from an adolescent to a young teenager. Elec and the others have slightly grown. All in terms of looks.

Comparing the heeters between the 40 year time skip
Top – Heeters present time
Bottom – Heeters 40 years ago

Plus, if Elec has successfully brainwashed Gas enough, resulting in the latter having complete faith in the former, Gas would trust Elec in making the right decision regarding the wish as well. But if he finds out the truth…

There is one vital factor in understanding Elec’s wish-making plans. The Cerealian Dragon Balls have no recharge period like the Earth’s.

Therefore, as soon as a wish is made, Elec, with the Dragon Radar, can easily round up the balls once again and make another wish – the real wish. The one which he truly desires to be granted.

It’s unlikely he desired to use the orbs to only make Gas stronger. He isn’t that selfless to see his comrade get all the glory.

Elec's strong desire to obtain the Dragon Balls
Chapter 75 – Elec “can’t wait” to get his hands on the Dragon Balls

The “Can’t wait” clearly emphasizes the strong desire to obtain them. He’s a schemer, not a brawler. And like Frieza, you can’t trust a schemer so easily.

Speculating on Elec’s actual wish that he desires

With the Cerealian Dragon Balls having no recharge time, Elec can immediately go search for them with the radar; and that’s probably why he isn’t there on the battlefield with the rest of the Heeters.

His actual wish could be something to do with either of the following:

  • Obtaining Frieza’s army
  • Obtaining all the Intel about everyone and everything in the Universe and possibly even beyond (basically becoming like Zuno)
  • Fusing with a part of Seven-Three

Defeating Frieza and taking over his army is his ultimate goal for laying down his path of ruling over Universe 7. As I speculated in another article, he could:

  • Wish for direct control over Frieza’s army
  • Make Frieza’s army stronger than the tyrant himself so that they can channel their already existing grudge over him by killing him. Elec then later swoops in and hires them all with money. Hence making his end goal a reality.

Talking about the 2nd possibility, Elec’s philosophy in taking over Universe 7 is quite simple – “Dominating others with military might is the relic of the past. These days, power comes in the form of money and intel”

So what if he wishes to directly become the most richest and intelligent mortal in the Universe?

To have intel at your grasp like how Lord Zuno does speak volumes on not only how Elec is such an interesting antagonist but also knowing well how to gain control over things.

Frieza might have muscles and followership but Elec has brains. The latter could outsmart the other and he wouldn’t even know it.

Elec's real plan in taking over Universe 7?
Chapter 68 – Elec’s final plan to take over Universe 7
(Thanks to Twitter User and YouTuber JordanLee for pointing this out)

Now, coming to the final possibility, Elec recognizes that Seven-Three is packed with Intel which would be very useful. He might have instructed Macki and Oil to ask Zuno about Seven-Three and his powers.

What if he wished for Seven-Three’s intel to shift from the android to elec and transfer Seven-Three’s powers (Moro’s, Vegeta’s and Merus’s) to Gas?

No matter what happens, I think Seven-Three will play a crucial role in this arc as well. Toyotarou wouldn’t have decided to keep him alive and use him as the connecting factor between the Moro and the Granolah arc if it wasn’t the case.

Even Merus can play a role in this arc. What if he gets his Angelic powers back in this arc? Check out this article if you want to how he can do it!

Incidentally, there’s this theory that has been floating around lately that Elec might be planning to have an army of Seven-Threes by his side. Basically stealing more OG Androids from Goichi’s ship or his home planet and creating copies of Seven-Three’s data in all of them.

I don’t think this would be possible though. In Chapter 68, Granolah asked Elec whether he is planning to create an OG Android army like Goichi was. And Elec said no.

0068 028 1
No plans for an OG73 army

One can argue like “What if Elec was lying to Granolah?” Well, he is and he is not. “We Heeters ain’t running an army here” can be interpreted as acquiring Frieza’s army, which he said later on to be his end goal in his quest for domination.

Elec is a character I really enjoy reading and thinking about. He could very well be one of the most interesting and innovative Antagonists in Dragon Ball. Can’t wait to see where his plans lead to.

What do you think of Elec’s wish? Do you agree with any of our reasoning? Let us know in the comments below!

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