Deadpool : Samurai Volume 1 Releasing On March 4

The 1st volume of Deadpool : Samurai will release on March 4. The manga was announced at the 2020 Tokyo Comic-Con. It started serializing on 10 December, 2020. The manga is a collaboration between Marvel and it’s Japanese publisher Shueisha. Shonen Jump+ app has been serializing the comic since it’s release.

Shanshiro Kasama wrote the manga. Hikaru Uesugi is the cover-artist as well as the illustrator of the manga. Hiroyuki Nanako is the Editor-in-Chief.

Wade Wilson a.k.a Deadpool is a comic character. He is mutant who has off the charts healing abilities all thanks to his “Healing Factor”. He can regenerate his body parts even if he’s blown to smithreens. His first appearance was in The New Mutants #98 in February 1991. Alomg with his Healing Factor, Deadpool has superior combat abilities and his witty nature to go along with his big mouth. He is the Merc With a Mouth. He eventually finds his place with the X-Men, the mutant superheroes team. Deadpool has appeared along with a lot of superheroes like Spider-man and Wolverine at on lot of occasions.

Source : Manga Mogura Twitter.

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