DBS Chapter 78 Breakdown: Gas Becomes Universes Strongest

Elec summons up the Dragon and wishes to power up Gas. Our heroes are gobsmacked after Monaito revealing the truth about the invasion on Planet Cereal. How will they match up against the strongest Heeter?

Gas and Granolah

Things are heating up as the Heeters finally make their move, initiating the second act of the Granolah the Survivor arc.

The first act ends with the interruption of Saiyans vs Cerealian by Monaito who came by to drop a couple of revelations that altered the course of the arc completely.

Such as, not all Saiyans are bad, Bardock saves Granolah and Monaito, Elec kills Granolah’s mom Muezli, Bardock once again saves the Namekian and Granolah by defeating Gas.

Incidentally, many folks in the fandom think DBS Bardock is way too kind-hearted than the savage badass Bardock in the TV Special. However,I don’t feel so, check out my DBS Bardock character analysis article where this incorrect notion is debunked and explained.

In addition, now that Granolah knows the truth? What would he do now?

Whereas, on the other side of the planet, Elec finds the 2nd Dragon Ball and summons the Dragon. What actually is his wish? As more chapters drop, more questions seem to arise.

Surprisingly, fans who disliked the previous chapters reacted favorably to Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78. I guess Gas gassing it up electrified them huh?

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into analyzing Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 – Gas’s Wish!

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Contrary to my usual way of doing chapter breakdowns, I’ll begin analyzing the entire chapter with an overall birds’ eye view right from the get-go. There are some particular topics that are connected to this article and I’d like to deal with them separately. Those articles will drop real soon so stay tuned!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 – the Heeters vs Saiyans and Cerealian (Part 1)

The Chapter begins with Macki getting word from Oil that the fight between Granolah and the Saiyans has been interrupted by Monaito. It seems Oil has been listening in to their conversation the entire time and told the whole story to Macki and Gas.

That’s how Gas came to know that Goku is Bardock’s son, the Saiyan to whom he lost 40 years ago.

Gas suggests that they kill the 3 warriors and the Namekian, for which Elec agrees. However, the leader tells his 2 comrades that they go and vanquish the enemies while he makes an appointment with the Dragon Toronbo. This act of Elec feels sus.

Why did he ask them to leave? He could have asked them to join him, made the wish and then all three of them could have confronted our heroes. This shows that Elec has something up in his sleeve which hasn’t been revealed yet.

Furthermore, Elec’s smile as Macki and Gas fly away suggests that a betrayal of some sort is on the way. More on Elec and his wish in another article.

DBS Chapter 78 Breakdown: Elec's smile screams betrayal in the future
Does Elec plan to use his siblings for his own selfish reasons?

Now, we shift gears and focus on Monaito and Granolah.

Why didn’t Monaito tell Granolah the truth sooner?

In my Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 preview article, I predicted that Granolah will get furious at Monaito for not telling all this sooner. That’s exactly what happened and it makes sense. Why would he hide such a vital piece of information for 40 damn years?

Granolah already was having a mental breakdown in Chapter 76, ready to even commit suicide to get rid of the Saiyans and what he’s hearing now means he could have perished for nothing. Trying to kill the wrong people.

In the preview article, my first reasoning was:

To prevent the Heeters from killing Granolah, Monaito pleaded with them to let Granolah live by making him work for them. The Cerealian is strong. So he could be a worthy asset as a bounty hunter.
Elec agreed but told Monaito not to say a word to Granolah about the incidents so far. Instructed him to tell a false story.

Not bad. Partially right though.

People might hate Monaito for this. But he’s right. Granolah is too hot-headed to not make reckless decisions. Literally wiped out 147 years of life just for the sake of revenge.

0078 004

This scene is pretty ironic, given that in Chapter 70, Granolah tells Elec that he is not his adversary, and Elec responds, “Don’t count us out just yet.” Subtle foreshadowing…

DBS Chapter 78 Breakdown: Elec threatens Monaito
Elec spreading the heat

Knowing Granolah, he’d rush in to kill Elec, just like he rushed in demanding Frieza’s location pre-wish. Monaito feels he should have died instead of serving Elec, but I think he made the right decision.

Bardock and Muezli risked their lives trying to save them and dying in a pathetic way makes Bardock’s efforts and Muezli’s death go in vain.

Goku expresses his saintliness by saying it’s the only way for Monaito and Granolah to survive.

Goku understands the necessity to alter the truth for some individuals so they don’t act foolishly. Also, he knows Granolah would do something foolish if he knew ahead of time. We saw how Gas easily pinned down Granolah in Chapter 68. He’d definitely get himself and Monaito killed.

We’re still yet to get the entire picture of what transpired on that “cursed day.” Is it just about Muezli’s death or is there more? How did Bardock vs Gas go about? More on that in a future article.

Goku vs Vegeta’s Comic Rivalry Makes A Return

In Chapter 76, Vegeta is seen whacking the shit out of Goku for coming in between his fight with Granolah.

Now, before you go rambling about how Vegeta is out of character then, read my article on analyzing Vegeta’s character growth in this whole fight. Hopefully, this might change your mind.

In Chapter 78, Goku and Vegeta act like the homies they are. Twitter is on fire with images of Goku and Vegeta’s interaction in this chapter. The Saiyan Prince’s facial expressions are priceless LOL!

0078 033
Tossing away a Senzu during a death battle? Tsk Tsk Tsk

Also, when Vegeta said his armor has pockets, many of us were confused as to where are those pockets? However, the next tweet explains how and where are those pockets.

DBS Chapter 78 Breakdown: Goku teasing Vegeta's Ultra Ego form
Scrap Ultra Ego. Let Freaky Face Mode be its official name LOL

For the record, Goku’s SSJ3 form doesn’t have eyebrows as well. So again, he should speak for himself.

Also, Vegeta saying “don’t die” is akin to Goku saying the same thing back at Vegeta 2 Chapters ago. Their relationship certainly is interesting.

From holding hands while Instantly Teleporting to Vegeta kicking Goku like how Android 18 whacked the Prince, the duo has a very dynamic relationship. Always enjoyable seeing their interaction.

Now moving on to the most interesting parts of the Chapter – the wish and Gas’s power-up.

Gas’ defeat and Elec’s Wish

Vegeta asked an important question which the fandom was dying to know – Did Bardock defeat Gas 40 years ago?

Monaito says yes. But Gas was very strong. However…

And that’s when the sky goes black. Monaito was clearly explaining how Bardock defeated Gas. Toyotaro didn’t reveal that information on purpose.

I think Bardock found a weakness to Gas’ power. Since he was watching their fight, Monaito may know as well. But more on this in another article.

Elec’s wish also took place off-screen. Again, Toyotaro is purposefully keeping us in the dark. Just what did Elec wish for which resulted in Gas becoming taller, stronger and sharper?

If Gas became the strongest warrior in the Universe, there has to be a condition, something like lifespan reduction just like for Granolah.

There are many ideas that come to mind on what that wish could be. But I’ll elaborate further in another article. But what I can say now is this. This is not Elec’s only wish. He has the Dragon Radar and is missing from the battlefield.

What if this wish is just the tip of the iceberg? What if the next wish is his actual wish, the wish he actually desires? The next chapter could be called “Elec’s Wish” for all we know.

Elec might be having the idea to use the rest of the Heeters for his own selfish desire. He has successfully made the others gain his trust. Via brainwashing, Gas would have complete faith in Elec right now.

The leader of the Heeters would use the first wish to buff up Gas, thereby sacrificing Gas’s lifespan, in order to stall for time by dancing with the enemies while he (Elec) searches for the 2 Dragon Balls and make another wish (perhaps something to do with Frieza’s army or having all the knowledge in the Universe).

Once again, I’ve elaborated further in another article.

An amped up Gas electrifies the battlefield with bizarre techniques

Macki and Oil set the stage for Gas to light things up. Macki goes about saying how they had no choice but to pit him against the Saiyans when Granolah became the strongest in the Universe.

On that note, Macki and Oil present Gas, the actual strongest in the Universe. The pose reminded of Will Smith presenting his wife.

Presenting Gas and Will Smiths wife

Goku and Vegeta finally realized that a set of Dragon Balls exists on this planet as well. And Granolah used them to make himself the strongest in Universe 7. You can see the disappointment on Goku’s face.

Yes. But as sarcastic as I can be, fans should realize that the point of this arc is to show that shortcuts to power will not eventually work out.

Also, Muri/Moori and Monaito both stated the actual purpose of the Dragon Balls so the adverse effects of using them for selfish purposes might come into play soon.

Anyway, Gas begins his attack by destroying Granolah’s ship into two equal halves. The last time we saw Oatmeel was inside that ship so… is he alive?

I don’t think he’s out of commission that soon. Toyotarou did say Oatmeel will come into play later. So there’s more stuff for Oatmeel to do.

Destroying the ship reminds me of Frieza’s men wrecking Bulma’s spaceship back in the Namek Saga. Gas did it to imply that “There’s nowhere to run. It’s a do-or-die situation now!” Little does he know Goku and Vegeta can teleport instantly out of Planet Cereal.

One of the most interesting things about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 is, Gas isn’t the usual punch and kicks kinda fighter. He literally summons medieval-styled weapons out of thin air and starts ramping it up, even almost cracking Goku’s head in half with an axe.

He just snaps his fingers and summons Gravity cubes, similar to what Hearts uses in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and attaches them to Goku’s limbs. However, Monaito uses his healing ability to wear off the cubes. This might tell us something about Gas’s techniques.

What if he has the ability to change gases or air molecules into solids? It is a pretty neat way to link a character’s name to their talents.

Again, more about Gas’s powers in another article in the future. But what I can say is, it’s different from Goku Black’s Ki Scythe and Dabura’s ability to summon weapons. Sorta.

What’s really surprising in this Chapter is that Granolah actually saves Goku from getting his head cut into two pieces. It seems the Cerealian already had a change of heart about the Saiyans, at least to a certain degree if not fully.

Goku returns the favor by agreeing to Monaito’s request to save Granolah. Goku really doesn’t hold a grudge deep in his heart.

He was ready to forgive Frieza and let him go on Namek, he wanted Kid Buu to be back as a different, good-natured person and he also was ready to spare Moro and told him to return to the Galactic Prison.

Meanwhile, a weak and exhausted Granolah desperately tries to hold himself together against Gas. Gas says he never liked him even once.

Maybe the Heeter was jealous that Granolah was in charge of doing important stuff like stealing OG73i from Gochi’s ship and not him. Elec might have undermined his strength and only now he’s getting recognized.

Gas says he didn’t know Granolah and Monaito had survived years after the invasion of Planet Cereal. I think Bardock just managed to scrape through in his battle against Gas.

Maybe Monaito and his adoptive son were left to die after being injured by Gas and the latter thought they had died. But they barely managed to survive.

Also, in the flashback, we see little Granolah training by firing Ki Blasts on a bunch of targets. Elec said Granolah had already made a name for himself as a bounty hunter. Now, who did he defeat to receive such praise?

Gas overpowers Granolah and renders him unconscious. Goku intervenes and turns Super Saiyan Blue to save the weakened Cerealian and buy enough time for Vegeta to go get and eat the Senzu bean.

0078 036

Gas charges in with his sword-like hand and Goku grabs it with his bare hands, stopping it before it pierces his chest. This is akin to Vegeta grabbing Granolah’s hand in an attempt to avoid a pressure point attack to his chest.

Goku and Vegeta blocking a pressure point attack
Goku and Vegeta trying to prevent a critical pressure point attack

The difference between the two scenes is, Goku crushes the sword into bits and remains unhurt while Vegeta does face some damage.

Meanwhile, Vegeta takes the Senzu from his armor and goes towards the spot where Granolah lies out cold.

The formation of the Vegeta and Granolah tag team?

0078 044
Not gonna lie, the “rise and shine” did make me chuckle

Some fans are weirded out with Vegeta not eating the Senzu and instead offered it to Granolah, a person with whom he was fighting to the death a while ago.

For me, it makes sense. Vegeta sees himself in Granolah and wants him to fight and take revenge against the Heeters for the annihilation of his race. The Cerealian had been lied to and used by his mother’s murderer.

This is akin to Vegeta’s life where he was lied about the cause of the destruction of the Saiyan race. He was used by Frieza and later was unable to take revenge against his father’s murderer.

Vegeta, being the prideful Saiyan warrior, knew that Granolah should be the one to defeat the Heeters to satisfy the urge for revenge, something he himself couldn’t do but left it to his fellow Saiyan Kakarrot to carry out the task.

The parallels between the Saiyan Prince and the Cerealian cannot be ignored here. Click here to get an in-depth view of this aspect!

Granolah asked him why he didn’t take it while they were fighting. I guess Granolah knows that if Vegeta took the Senzu, he might have been defeated. But Vegeta ain’t gonna use cheap tricks or accessories to win his battles.

Vegeta has grown quite a lot in this battle. The Ultra Ego form he mustered to defeat his enemy changed him. Especially in this battle where the destiny of the Saiyans plays a role, he didn’t want to ruin his chance to get his answer to the question – “Were the Saiyans fated to be vanquished?”

That’s why he didn’t want Kakarrot to interfere in his battle. Check out my article on Vegeta’s growth in Saiyans vs Cerealian for further elaboration.

Since Vegeta relates to Granolah, is this the beginning of one of the greatest tag teams of all time, one that can rival Goku and Frieza in the Tournament of Power? The possibility exists, but not very soon. Also, I think Vegeta would prefer to fight alone. Ultra Ego after-effects. Maybe when things become too critical where there’s no choice but to team up.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 was pretty amazing. It’s a well-needed build-up Chapter for Gas to take the stage.

As usual, Toyotarou’s art is spot on. Gas’s new design looks raw! He resembles those ancient Greek Gods. More like a mix of them and tribal personalities. Along with a brush of retro vibes.

Chapter 79 will begin with Granolah’s decision to accept the Senzu bean or not.

In my view, it depends on what Granolah wants the most – Revenge against the Heeters or acting stubbornly against the Saiyans.

I think he won’t immediately join hands with the Saiyans. He might hesitate to take the bean from Vegeta. But if he carefully thinks through his desires and what he sacrificed to achieve them, he would take the Senzu and fight with Gas head-on.

It’s not yet confirmed that the wish was to make Gas the strongest in the Universe. Only Macki says it and she wasn’t there on the spot where Elec asked the Dragon. She only went by faith.

But if it turns out to be that way, I think Granolah will have a hard time against Gas. He’ll probably struggle until we cut to Elec’s appearance. And we might get the truth about the wish granted.

I think Elec might interrupt the fight and announce his grand plan to take over the Universe. It might even involve OG73i and Frieza’s army. Well, he wants to take over Frieza’s army, that’s for sure.

The android could have Merus’s Moro’s and Vegeta’s powers and abilities & the intel packed inside him about other important people so Elec will definitely make use of him. Plus, he might reveal all 10 questions asked to Zuno.

We’re still yet to see Bardock vs Gas so that’ll be coming up in later chapters. I reckon Toyotarou keeping it a secret cause that fight might involve the revelation of Gas’s weakness.

Frieza is still yet to make an appearance. At least he’ll appear in the flashback where Elec, Macki and Oil prepare a welcoming committee for him on the rummaged Planet Cereal. I think he might finally appear in the present time towards the end of the arc.

Chapter 79 will be a doozy one. Can’t wait to see how this story continues. Pretty exciting stuff.

What do you think of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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