Crunchyroll To Have 10 Million Paying Subscribers Soon Says President Rahul Purini

As a distribution platform for a specific genre of anime, Sony is increasing its global presence.

Rahul Purini Crunchyroll President

Crunchyroll, one of the biggest anime streaming and distribution platform is expected to reach 10 million paying subscribers worldwide soon.

Crunchyroll’s President Rahul Purini announced the company’s 2022 summary as a greeting at the end of the year 2022. He revealed that the company is on the verge of 10 million paying subscribers.

The year 2022 was a major milestone for Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll’s business expanded due to the merger with Funimation, which is also a member of the Sony Group.

As a distribution platform for a specific genre of anime, Sony is increasing its global presence.

Crunchyroll’s distribution business is also expanding its lineup of works and services. According to Rahul Purini, Crunchyroll is the world’s largest distributor of series and feature films with 18,000 hours of programming. The number of titles distributed per season has doubled in the past three years to 40-50 titles.

In 2022, the company also began distributing newly dubbed versions in Hindi, Italian, and Spanish. The number of subtitled and dubbed languages exceeds 10. Such multilingual support is also likely to play a role in expanding the number of viewers.

In addition to distribution, theatrical distribution, which was formerly handled by Funimation, is expanding.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero the latest movie in the Dragon Ball franchise for which the company handled worldwide distribution, became a global hit.

Going forward, the focus will be on Suzume No Tojimari which will be released globally after April 2023. Crunchyroll has acquired the distribution and marketing rights for the film worldwide, excluding Asia.

The film will be distributed jointly by Crunchyroll in North America, Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures in Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and parts of Europe.

As well as by Crunchyroll, Sony Pictures, Wild Bunch of France and Eurozoom in French and German-speaking countries.

The reorganization of animation-related businesses within the Sony Group is also progressing in the video game field. The anime-related game business of Sony Pictures Entertainment in the US has also been integrated into Crunchyroll.

As a result, the app game “My Hero Academia: Strongest Hero” will be offered as part of the Crunchyroll Games lineup.

Source: Animation Business Info

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