CloverWorks, Wit Studio, Aniplex, Shueisha Team Up To Launch New Anime Company JOEN

The company aims to change the current scenario and make it easier to distribute profits among animation studio.

Publishing giant Shueisha announced on Monday, May 30, 2022, that the company has teamed up with animation production studios WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks, along with producer Aniplex, to form a company called JOEN.

As a company, JOEN focuses on the production of art and animation.

JOEN was formed keeping in mind the increasing role of animation studios in the production process of an anime and to bring about a change in the current situation, wherein distributing profits among the staff, creators, and those involved in the animation studio is difficult.

The company, which will primarily be involved in everything from planning to production of TV anime, anime movies and short clips, would allow both CloverWorks and Wit Studios to utilize their strength to the fullest, as they will be involved in all stages of producing an anime from start to finish.

JOEN also aims to collaborate with other studios, producers, and creators to build a framework, wherein profits are directed back to the creators.

Instead of routing the process of creating an anime through a single company, JOEN will seek to match the best production lines and creators to each project, ensuring a high quality end product.

JOEN has adopted the tagline “Supporting Creativity, Empowering Creators”.

The company’s representative directors are CloverWorks producer Yuuichi Fukushima and WIT STUDIO co-founder Tetsuya Nakatake, who are also producers on the continuing WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks co-production Spy x Family.

Source: JOEN website