Chainsaw Man’s Anime Adaptation Plans Began When Manga’s First Volume Released

The first volume of the manga released in 2019.


Calling Chainsaw Man one of the most anticipated anime would still not justify the hype surrounding it at the moment. When it was revealed that MAPPA would be in charge of animating the series, the common meme trope (often groundless) of MAPPA overworking their employees began making round on the internet.

However, from what the studio’s CEO Manabu Otsuka revealed in a recent interview, it seems that MAPPA has been planning the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man for a long time.

It is common knowledge that Otsuka approached Shueisha directly to get the rights for animating Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man. But the lesser know fact is that he did so in 2019, after reading the first volume of the manga.


“The plans for the anime adaptation began in 2019 when I contacted Shueisha immediately after reading the first compiled book volume of the manga,” Otsuka said in the interview.

The decision to hire Ryu Nakama, who will be directing an anime for the first time, too was taken around this time.

“When Keisuke Seshimo decided to produce the animation adaptation of this project, Seshimo recommended Ryuu Nakayama as director,” the CEO added.

In an earlier interview, he justified the hiring of first-time director Ryu Nakama for the anime, saying that he was capable of perfectly translating the expressions of bursting, explosive, raw energy, from the manga to the anime.

The staff working on Chainsaw Man have reiterated multiple times that they would be staying true to the original work created by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

The anime is being developed by working very closely with creator Tatsuki Fujimoto. The mangaka was also involved in casting of the voice actors, as the production team strives to make this adaptation a perfect representation of the original.

Additionally, Makoto Kimura, MAPPA’s Rights Management Director, had revealed during the Chainsaw Man panel conducted by Crunchyroll and MAPPA at Anime Expo 2022, that Chainsaw Man‘s anime adaptation will be uncensored.

He revealed that the anime will stay true to the manga, and MAPPA won’t censor anything when it came to adapting the gore scenes from the series. Instead, emphasis will be on the rawness and the originality of the manga, with the staff aiming for the anime to be dynamic and theatrical.

Chainsaw Man anime will start airing in Japan on Oct 11, 2022.

The cast who are working on the anime are:

  • Kikunosuke Toya as Denji
  • Fairouz Ali as Power
  • Tomori Kusonoki as Makima
  • Shogo Sakata as Aki Hayakawa

As revealed earlier, Ryu Nakayama will be directing Chainsaw Man anime at MAPPA studio. Hiroshi Seko is writing the scripts, and Kazutaka Sugiyama is designing the characters.

The other previously announced staff members include:

  • Kensuke Ushio: Music
  • Makoto Nakazono: Chief Technical Director
  • Tatsuya Yoshihara: Action Director
  • Kiyotaka Oshiyama: Devil Design
  • Yūsuke Takeda: Art Director
  • Naomi Nakano: Key Color Artist
  • Yohei Miyahara: Screen Design

Source: Kudasai


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