Chainsaw Man Production Underway Or Leaving MAPPA? Ryu Nakayama Shares Cryptic Post On X

Chainsaw Man director Ryu Nakayama had been away from X (formerly Twitter) for a while now. However, he marked his return with a cryptic post talking about improving the working conditions on a certain project.

According to Nakayama’s post, he was working on a mission (probably with others) to better the working environment, that was free from unnecessary power and moral harassment. The director committed to creating something that was both stable financially and in terms of time.

This year’s mission is to build a better working environment that is free from power harassment, moral harassment, and unnecessary stress, and is stable both financially and in terms of time. We are still in the early stages, but we are gradually making progress. Since it’s only been one year, we’re going to keep working hard and steadily. We should be able to release the information to the public in a little while,” the director said in his post.

The director himself did not provide any more context to his post. However, there were two statements that caught the attention of the netizens, and since then speculations have been rife that Chainsaw Man anime’s season 2 could already be under production.

The first statement being “Since it’s only been one year, we’re going to keep working hard and steadily.” This could be the director referring to how its been a year since Chainsaw Man Season 1 aired.

And the second statement “We should be able to release the information to the public in a little while” suggested that an official announcement about Chainsaw Man Season 2 would be coming soon.

The talk about improving work conditions is understandable, given that Chainsaw Man Season 1 had a tight production schedule. Also, the current fiasco surrounding Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 could also have spurred him to make efforts to create a much better production environment for Chainsaw Man season 2.

Both CSM and JJK are being handled by production manager Seshimo.

However, rumor that Nakayama had left MAPPA has been doing the rounds for quite a while. And this tweet was taken by many as a subtle confirmation from the director’s side. The fact that he changed his profile picture from Chainsaw Man to something different, was one of the prime reasons they felt so.

Subsequently, this section of netizens assumed that Nakayama’s new cryptic post was about improving the working conditions in his new project, or as some said, his new studio, which he might establish soon.

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A separate post Nakayama made before the one quoted above, makes a lot of sense in this context of him established his own studio.

We should be able to release a lot of things next year. Thanks to all the people around us,” the director wrote in it.

This wouldn’t be the first time a director has left MAPPA to work on their own studio, as Sung Hoo Park, the director of JJK season 1 and JJK 0 movie, too did the same.

It would be wise to note that Nakayama himself has neither confirmed nor denied any of these speculations. And they will continue to remain speculation till any official information is revealed, either regarding his involvement in Chainsaw Man anime, or regarding the release of Season 2.