Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Review: Violence Leads To More Violence

Aki can see the future, Makima does more... Makima things & Kishibe finds her sus. More Devils are introduced. But the Future Devil is the most hip

chainsawman Ep 11

A lot of things happened in Chainsaw Man Episode 11 from various POVs so for this review, I’ve decided to emphasize on those scenes which I found interesting and analyze them. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

chainsawman Ep 11

Let’s begin with Aki’s first meeting with the Future Devil. First of all, I was surprised by its effervescent, brash, and youthful voice. I figured it would be bleak, particularly from someone who can see into the futures of so many people.

It’s hilarious how Aki agreed to stuff his face into the Devil’s belly. Weird and gross. Seems he was that desperate to know what lies beyond the dark curtain of uncertainty. It’s no wonder fortune tellers make a killing in this world…

The Devil thinks Aki’s story is intriguing enough to merit a permanent residence in his eye. The fact that he didn’t reject the deal and instead accepted it without question is surprising. Serious men like him typically prefer to keep to themselves and rarely resort to drastic measures, even when seeking a battle advantage.

But Aki is resolved to defeat the Gun Devil in whatever way possible. The guy really sold himself to revenge, a “normal” quality Denji hated to have for himself.

Episode 11 is where we get the first in-universe indication that Aki is going to have a gruesome death in the worst possible way. It was actually hinted at in the 5th Ending theme of the Anime wherein Aki climbs on a staircase that slowly breaks down.

On the other hand, I found it annoying that the Future Devil’s words were inaccurate, saying instead that “your death in the future will fucking rule,” when the correct translation from the Manga reads: “Because in the future, you’re going to die in the worst way possible.” Truth be told, the scenario loses some of its impact if “the worst possible way” is eliminated entirely.

It’s not a particularly sombre statement; rather, it sounds like an excuse to celebrate. Future Devil prefers unusual deaths, so this is just a minor quibble.

However, this isn’t the only translation error in Chainsaw Man Episode 11.

In response to Yutaro Kurose’s demeaning adjectives, Aki respectfully informs him that he isn’t bothered with his words and calmly tells him to stand back and watch. The Manga, on the other hand, shows a slightly annoyed Aki, telling his comrade to “stand back and keep his mouth shut”. Not really sure why this changeover was required.

Another instance is where the leader of the Katana Man’s gang tells Makima that she’s not getting the big picture here, as opposed to the ruder “Hey missy, you haven’t got a clue how thing thing works, do ya?” portrayal in the source material.

Things like this kind of undermine the subtle characteristics Fujimoto expresses for us to understand his world better. This is the 2nd time where I was disappointed of the adaptation not being so faithful to its source, other than what occurred in Episode 2.

Speaking of Makima, she continues to awe with her mysterious allure even as she nonchalantly hands the boss a paper bag containing the eyes of the gang’s loved ones. What I admire most about the redhead is her ability to maintain composure even when put in circumstances that would cause most people to shit their pants.

She has a wicked attractiveness that draws in a lot of fans, which shows how easily people like Denji can be duped by superficial factors like their appearance (like Himeno does as well).

Kishibe, however, is too intelligent to not notice these anomalies.

Like so many of us, he’s the only one in the series who actively suspects Makima of foul play. If so, why didn’t he kill her then and there?

I personally think he looking the other way around as long as Makima’s on humanity’s side is just an excuse. If he could boldly tell Denji and Power that he’ll kill them if they fail in this upcoming mission, why not threaten the most suspicious? Perhaps he knows he cannot defeat her? Is he really afraid to die?

Attachments in this world is a powerful illusion. No matter how old or brave you are, you’ll do everything you can, either by hook or crook, to cling onto life. He’s trying to trick his mind by saying “I’ve gotten sick of em’ already” but just like how children cry when their toys break, adults breakdown then theirs die. In that sense, there’s no difference between the two…

Kishibe addresses Denji and Power as dogs shows he shares a similar attitude of detachment of Makima’s but in a good way and not evil. And just like her, he’s becoming a “dog”, so to speak, by falling for the ropes of emotional attachment.

He calls everything Makima said a lie, to which she smiles. Does she plan to take him out as well? Not so soon, as she wants this “dog” to serve her to train her other “dogs” before her real plan comes to fruition…

Speaking of dogs, she’s out there making mafia dons her “dog” as well. I’ve no idea how and when she managed to kill and get those eyes but it’s like everywhere she goes, she maneuvers to try gain control of the situation.

Also, the shot of Makima on the sofa with 5 guys in the back is by no means an accident. Fujimoto knows his memes.

Ah, I See You’re a Man of Culture As Well.

Makima and 5 guys
If you know, you know

Makima suddenly killing a bunch of goons at the building using the same technique is an additional scene not in the Manga.

So far, add-ons in the Chainsaw Man Anime have been pleasantly welcomed. However, Kobeni suddenly showing up with Denji and Power removes the surprise element that will come in the next episode.

Last but not the least, we’re introduced to 3 new Devils/Fiends who work as Devil Hunters.

The Shark Fiend is a lively guy who loves to get into the action. He’ll soon become a fan-favorite within the Anime community. The Violence Fiend is too friendly to be tagged with the title “violence”. I guess the person inside still has some control of his body.

chainsawman Ep 11

I wonder what will happen if he removes his mask…

The Spider Devil looks like she’s straight out of a classic horror movie. The way she swiftly moves to kill the zombies indicates her taste for blood. Unlike the Violence Fiend, this Devil has a greater control of the host’s body.

I’m certain that folks like Ron from Harry Potter caused this Devil to spawn into existence.

Finally, the Angel Devil. Don’t let the long hair and pretty eyes distract you from the fact that he’s a he! Looks harmless but fatal to those who merely touch her. Unlike some shippers, I certainly hope Aki doesn’t get too close, given he has only 2-3 years left.

chainsawman Ep 11

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 was simple and unto the point. Not a very bullish episode filled with twists and turns but a clean plot progression that sets up many things for the future.

Also, the final scene of Aki battling the Ghost+Snake Devil was smooth as heck. The fluid animation reminded me of Yuji Itadori & Aoi Todo vs. Hanami in Jujutsu Kaisen. The beginning of the next episode will surely generate a tear or two in our eyes…

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 rating: 8/10

So what do you think of Chainsaw Man Anime Episode 11? Let me know in the comments below!

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