Chainsaw Man Editor Shihei Lin Wants ‘All Leakers To Die’

Cast information and the images from Chainsaw Man's trailer were leaked online.

Shihei Lin

Shonen Jump + editor Shihei Lin, who has worked on Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man and Dandadan among others, said in a recent live stream event that he wants all leakers to die.

Lin was attending the special live stream event held by MAPPA for revealing the trailer and cast for Chainsaw Man anime on Aug 5, 2022. However, cast information and the snippets from the trailer were leaked before the the MAPPA special broadcast began.

There were also leaks on social media related to Chainsaw Man Part 2 chapters.

Though the editor didn’t explicitly mention the reason, he did say out in the broadcast that he wished all leakers would die.

Surprised fans posted his comment on social media, with some also supporting what he said and others vowing to stay away from spoilers.

“I really sympathize with the idea that all leakers should die,” a twitter user replied to Lin’s tweet about the trailer.

“When you said that you wanted to kill [blow] the guy who leaked in the special program, it was too great. Thank you for expressing the feelings of the fans. I’d like to prevent leaks from now on,” another user said.

This is not the first time that Lin has spoken out against people posting spoilers online. At a MAPPA event held last year, the editor asked fans from across the globe to not post spoilers.

The special Chainsaw Man live broadcast was attended by Shihei Lin, MAPPA animation producer Keisuke Sheshimo, MC Crystal Noda and the cast voicing the main characters Denji, Power, Makima and Aki from the anime.

It was revealed in the broadcast that Chainsaw Man anime will start airing in Japan from October 2022. However, the first episode of the anime will be pre-screened on Sep 19, 2022.

In the broadcast, Lin also said that he wanted Nakayama to direct the anime adaptations of the manga that he was involved in.

Source: Twitter

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