Chainsaw Man Director’s Past Racist Twitter Comments Surfaces Online

Ryuu Nakayama has also drawn attention to himself by commenting on a hit topic related to foreign animators uploading the rough layout of My Hero Academia without permission. Read on to find out more!

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The Internet sure is an amusing place where users can connect with people all over the globe. It is a very useful way to express oneself and have opinions from others, but what people forget is that human minds can change very frequently. There is no shortage of salty individuals to dig up your dark secrets when you are having a good time.

Recently, Ryuu Nakayama, director of the animated adaptation of the Chainsaw Man manga became the victim of such a privacy attack when his past tweets against China and South Korea surfaced online on August 30.

Nakayama has two accounts: one private and one for working relationships (where he sometimes publishes updates about Chainsaw Man). His public Twitter account is @r_nkym_ which most of the fans are familiar with. However, his private account @yuuna tweets are only visible to approved followers.

Unfortunately, this screening system did not do much good for him. In the end, someone who is within his approved followers has leaked some tweets that Nakayama posted in the past against South Korea and China in general.


Not so long ago, Nakayama made a post through his private Twitter account, where he wrote:

“After my stay in Sichuan, I returned to Japan. It was a very pleasant four-day stay. My image of China and Sichuan has completely changed. I could feel the enthusiasm for animation as much or more than in Japan. I want to go back to Chengdu. See you again soon!”

This wouldn’t have turned so ugly if he didn’t make the huge mistake of revealing that “his perception of China had changed”, as that aroused the curiosity of his followers, who made a long trip to the past to find their opinions of that time.


Some of the dug-up tweets date back to 10 years from now. The tweets translates to as follows:

No matter what, I am afraid to visit China or South Korea, especially to go eat or drink there

December 13, 2011

While commenting on a viral video from China, where a girl got injured and people walk by without inquiring he responded saying:

“I think the incident of the Chinese outrage really shows the level of morality in China, and I despise the fact that 18 people passed in front of the girl who was run over. You can’t argue with the theory that ‘some people aren’t like that,’ even if you think most people are like that.”

October 22, 2011

I don’t know how an argument with a Chinese can become so messy… There is no logic or argument. They change what they say as they speak

August 15, 2011

“Seriously, I can’t eat Chinese food anymore. I will never go to China”

May 3, 2010

The Chinese in the studio are intellectuals who are professors in Japan, but when it comes to copyright issues, they don’t admit guilt, they just defend China. I thought these people would be more understanding, but it seems that morality is not well understood, regardless of academic level or wealth.

February 7, 2011

The list extends much further but the point has become clear: ten years ago, Ryuu Nakayama did not have a good image of China, and what is worse, he kept these posts public on his Twitter account and did not delete the publications after moving to a new account that could endanger his field of work.

The latest post about his changed perspective might be a slip of tongue triggering a few netizens but can that be as lethal as to call off his upcoming project aka Chainsaw Man? Even though MAPPA is going for a fresh start with recruiting new staff without relying on freelancers, however, it is no secret that Japanese animation as a whole now heavily relies on China for funding, and things like this are certainly not going to help.

Previously, Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai (New Life+: Young Again in Another World) anime adaptation was canceled when the author of the light novel series’ old tweets was dug up where he heavily criticized China and South Korea.

Ryuu Nakayama has also drawn attention to himself by commenting on a trending topic related to foreign animators uploading the rough layout of My Hero Academia without permission. He criticised the uploader to not release such professional resources while pointing out his own flaws out in the open and claiming it “creditless”.

Well, fans just hope that these Tweets from the past and minute nit-pickings don’t hurt the production of Chainsaw Man, and director Nakayama doesn’t get fired from his post.

Source: Yaraon via Anime Senpai

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