Chainsaw Man Director Injures Head After Falling From His Bike

He felt dizzy while riding his bike, concerned fans ask director not to overwork.

Ryu Nakayama

Chainsaw Man director Ryu Nakayama revealed that he injured his head after falling from his bike while he was on his way to the editorial office.

Nakayama felt dizzy while riding the bike and fell face first on the ground. He started bleeding from his temple as a result of the accident and had to go home and wash it up. He didn’t know if the dizziness was caused because he was tired.

Ryu Nakayama

“I was riding my bike to go to the editorial office and I don’t know if I was tired or what, but I got dizzy and fell down hard and hit the ground face first… My temple was bleeding and I startled some elementary school kids who were walking nearby,” Nakayama wrote in his tweet on Oct 12, 2022.

Though his temple was swollen, the wound was nothing serious and he used ice to cool it.

Concerned fans asked the Chainsaw Man director to not overwork himself and take care of his health. Others wished a speedy recovery, and also to go visit a doctor if it was necessary.

Taking into consideration the concerns of his fans, Nakayama gave further updates on the injury later that day, revealing that he went to the hospital “just to be sure”.

He was suffering from a headache, but upon examination the hospital staff told him that nothing was wrong with his brain. The director was advised to rest for 24 hrs. to get over his headache.

Nakayama had a photoshoot scheduled for a magazine the next day. Thanks to the injury, he revealed that the other side of his profile/face, will have to be taken in the photoshoot.

Chainsaw Man anime started airing in Japan on Oct 11, 2022. Nakayama served as the episode director, handled the storyboards and also took part in key animation of the first episode of the anime.

This is the first time that Nakayama has helmed an anime. He is seen as promising up and coming artist in the anime industry.

Chainsaw Man anime will have 12 episodes this season.

Source: Twitter

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