Chainsaw Man Author Reveals New Twitter Identity Following Previous One’s Takedown

Chainsawman Episode 2

Chainsaw Man author Tatsuki Fujimoto created a new identity on Twitter, following the takedown of his previous account due to age restrictions on the platform.

Fujimoto now goes under his own name in this account, with his handle reading @ashitaka_eva. Unlike what he did with his previous account, where he posed as his little sister, Fujimoto decided to keep things less ambiguous this time.

In order to confirm his identity, he posted some rejected images from the Chainsaw Man manga. He also commented on Shonen Jump+ editor Shihei Lin’s tweet from yesterday, asking the editor to believe he was the author.

Lin Fujimoto

He also gave a slew of information regarding information in this new account, including his favorite Ghibli movies – Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, his zodiac sign – Libra, and the funniest manga he chose from this year – Welcome back Alice.

Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke and Eva from Neon Genesis Evangelion? Is that the secret behind his twitter handle?

Fujimoto added that he will live tweeting about the next Chainsaw Man episode from this new account, in case he is not able to revive the previous one.

The author roleplayed as his imaginary sister who was 8 years old in his previous account (@nagayama_koharu) resulting in his account being taken down by Twitter. The minimum age to be able to join Twitter in Japan in 13.

Fujimoto’s roleplaying also had fooled Lin once, thinking that the account was spreading misinformation. The editor was going to consider legal action against Koharu chan, before Fujimoto cleared things up.

In the past, fans had even suspected Fujimoto of publishing new manga under the name of a rookie author.

Source: Twitter

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