Burn The Witch To Start Serialisation In Shonen Jump #38

The movie adaptation of Burn the Wtich premieres on Oct. 2 in Japan. The first volume of the series also releases on the same day!

Tite Kubo will be returning to Shonen Jump in issue #38 with the short serialisation of his manga, Burn the Witch. The series will be four chapters long and will be available to read on the Shonen Jump app and website. According to reports Vol. 1 of the manga will be out on October 2. There are speculations about the manga having more volumes, but no official confirmation has been received yet.

In March 2020, it was revealed that the series would receive an anime film adaptation by Studio Colorido. The movie will premiere in Japan on October 2 and will run for 2 weeks. A special edition with a few additional scenes from the theater version of Burn The Witch will be released on Amazon Video & Hikari TV in Japan on the same day.

The movie is being directed by Tatsuro Kawano and written by Ryomura Chinatsu. The music composition is done by Keiji Inai.

Burn the Witch is written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. The series was first published as a 62-pages one-shot in Shonen Jump in July 2018. The story of Burn the Witch takes place in the Bleach universe and follows two witches, Noel Niihashi and Nini Spangle, working for the Western Branch of Soul Society, located in Reverse London.