Bungo Stray Dogs Manga Takes A Hiatus

Bungo Stray Dogs manga is going on a month long hiatus. The official twitter account of Bungo Stray Dogs franchise shared the news. Due to “certain circumstances” the manga is going on a hiatus of one month. The involvement of both the authors in the upcoming manga of the franchise, Bungo Stray Dogs: Storm Bringer may be the reason.

The manga inspired an anime adaptation (3 seasons) and an anime film. The first season premiered in April 2016. The second and third seasons aired in October 2016 and April 2019 respectively. Bungo Stray Dogs : Dead apple (movie) premiered in March 2018. The manga also inspired a mobile game which released in December 2017.

AnimeNewsNetwork describes the anime as:

After young man Atsushi Nakajima saves a man from his wish of suicide, he and his friends join the “Arms Detective Company,” a league of literary figures that also harness special powers.

Source : Bungo Stray Dogs official Twitter account.