Boy’s Abyss Live-Action Series Reveals New Visual & Theme Song

The live-action series will release on Sep 1, 2022.

The official Twitter account for Boy’s Abyss live-action series revealed a poster visual for the drama on Aug 18, 2022. The visual features the main characters, including Reiji, Nagi, Chacko, Gen and Ms. Shiba, not to forget Nagi’s pet fish.

The characters have an overlay of the reflection of a river in the visual, which might be depicting the infamous lover’s abyss, the river where lovers commit suicide.

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The opening theme for the series, Inner Child, will be performed by Rime, whereas the ending theme Iris, will be performed by SpendyMily.

The previously announced cast for Boy’s Abyss live-action series include:

  • Towa Araki as Reiji Kurose
  • Hinako Kitano as Nagi Aoe
  • Miyu Honda as Sakuko Akiyama/ Chako
  • Natsuki Hori as Gen Minegishi
  • Rena Matsui as Yuri Shibasawa
  • Sōkō Wada as Kōsaku Esemori
  • Reiko Kataoka as Yūko Kurose

The live-action series will broadcast every week on Thursday on MBS Drama Tokku from Sep 1, 2022. TV Kanagawa, Ciba Tele, Tochigi Television, are some of the other stations the drama will be aired on.

Hulu will also stream the live-action series in Japan.

Misato Kato and Hiroaki Yuasa will be directing Boy’s Abyss live-action series, with Kyoko Inukai serving as the scriptwriter. HoriPori is in charge of the production.

Boy’s Abyss is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ryō Minenami. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine since February 2020, and has been compiled into nine volumes as of June 17, 2022.

The plot of Boy’s Abyss is described as:

Reiji Kurose lives with his brother, his mother, who works as a nurse, and his grandmother in a rural town. He is childhood friends with Sakuko Akiyama. One day, Reiji meets Nagi Aoe, a member of the idol group Acrylic who is working as a convenience store clerk. Nagi tells Reiji of a place in the town known as the “Lover’s Abyss”, which is claimed to be a place where lovers commit suicide. Reiji and Nagi attempt suicide but fail, and Reiji is rescued by his teacher Yuri Shibasawa, who then vows to protect him.

Source: Twitter

© Ryo Minami / Shueisha © Drama “Abyss of a Boy” Production Committee, MBS

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