Boruto’s Code Arc Rumored To Air At The Beginning Of 2023

The anime will feature few anime only episodes that will flesh out the story in more detail.

Boruto:Naruto Next Generation

According to Twitter user WorIf 写輪眼, the Code arc of Boruto will air at the beginning of 2023. This will lead the anime to catch up to the latest arc of the manga.

The anime will feature few anime only episodes that will flesh out the story in more detail, similar to how Studio Pierrot did it for Ao and Tento arcs.

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The series is simulcasted by Viz Media on the Hulu app. Along with it, Crunchyroll is also streaming the anime. The series has been airing on Adult Swim’s Toonami since September 2018.

The anime series is based on Masashi Kishimoto‘s Naruto manga series which showcases the future generation of the main lead Naruto, who has achieved his dream of becoming Hokage. It also showcases the administrative challenges Naruto faces as a Hokage and as a father to Boruto and Himawari.

The Boruto manga is written by Ukyo Kodachi and illustrated by Mikie IkemotoHowever, Masashi Kishimoto took in the reigns of the series back in his own hands with Ikemoto as the illustrator in November 2020.

Source: Twitter

  • This rumor is just another proof, that they made the wrong decision with a long run Anime. Because the Anime is 75% Filler.
    My Reason: In the Manga Team 7, had a Mission Ban after the defeat of Isshiki, because of the Danger through code and the danger of Momoshiki taking over Borutos consciousness. Even through, after the Defeat of Isshiki, there was the Funato Arc in the Anime, and Team 7 was on a Mission to Kirigakure, as if there was no danger of an Otsutsuki fanatik who wants to use Kawaki or Boruto as Jyuubi fertilizer and no danger through Boruto who carries the soul of an Alienparasite and who is also getting closer to turn Otsutsuki with every day.

    This Rumor is just annother reason, why they should had made it either an seasonal Anime or an Original Anime.

  • I feel a coming of Filler hell.

    The whole Code Arc in the Manga is now Not even good for 6 Episodes.

    Probably, they will make 2 Years of Filler, after Eida sends Code in the desert and joins Amado. There will dozens of fillers, while she and Amado are in the train to Konoha.

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