Boruto Manga Chapter 45: Defection – Review & Spoilers

Boruto Manga Chapter 45 Reviews & Spoilers

The following article contains spoilers for Chapter 45 of Boruto manga. You can read the chapter for free on!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 45 is out and as expected the it serves the purpose of dumping information on the readers instead of being high on action. While most of the information that we got out of the chapter was something that fans had been forecasting and piecing together for a long time, its quite reassuring to see it get confirmed officially in the manga.

Picking up right where the previous chapter left off, Chapter 45 of Boruto manga titled ‘Defection’ focuses on the information about Kara and Otsutsuki which Amado relays to Naruto and also Kashin Koji beginning to face off with Jigen at the base of Kara.

Boruto Chapter 45 Review and Spoilers:

The chapter begins with Amado promising to exchange every bit of information he has in exchange for asylum in the Hidden leaf village. As the title of the chapter suggests he has defected from Kara and decided to join the Hidden Leaf in order to save his life. With Shikadai in Amado’s clutches, Naruto and the other shinobi are forced to listen to what Amado has to say. Shikamaru however is initially opposed to the idea of Amado being let off that easily.

In this chapter of Boruto manga, we get to see a different side of Shikamaru and not his usual lazy self. He gets frustrated easily and even proceeds to brazenly confront Amado all due to the fact that Shikadai’s life is still in danger. This part in the chapter is particularly noteworthy because it highlights how a person’s character can totally change when someone close to them is in trouble. 

Shikamaru gets angry and attacks Amado in Boruto Manga Chapter 45

Naruto proceeds to take control of the situation, conceding that he’d listen to what Amado has to offer. However, Naruto adds that Amado would only be given protection if the information he provides is valuable. The Kara member (or should we say former Kara member) is then restrained and taken to the Hokage’s office for interrogation.

What follows is the disclosure of information that most fans had managed to guess somehow. Amado tells Naruto and the others that Jigen, the leader of Kara is now an Otsusuki, but was just a mere human before. As a lot of theories floating online had already suggested, the Karma seal is indeed a way for the Otsutsuki members to revive themselves with the person marked with Karma essentially acting as a vessel. 

Information revealed by Amado about Otsutsuki

This is followed by information which most Naruto fans would already know, including the history of Otsutsuki (who are now alien parasites, giving the anime a Cowboy Bebop like feel), the god tree, ten tails and everything related to them. There is nothing new here as such and the information is quite redundant if you are well acquainted with the Kaguya Otsutsuki arc from Naruto. However, what we found annoying with the interrogation scenes were how Naruto and Sasuke reacted with surprise to the information about the Otsutsuki to which they had been privy since the Fourth great ninja war, thanks to their interaction with  Hagoromo Otsutsuki (the Sage of six paths).

Also we could not entirely grasp what Boruto and the other genin were doing in the Hokage’s office in a situation as tense as this. If they had sneaked and listened to the conversation in secret, it would have been a different story and could have added character depth to the enthusiastic young shinobi eager to know more about what was happening. However, in the chapter, it seemed like they had been granted a free pass into the office which kind of looks odd, even though they are the protagonists of the story.

The information reveal could also provide a groundwork for Boruto manga to link up with the plot from its predecessor, especially revealing more details about Kaguya and why she was fleeing from Momoshiki. There are fans who believe that Kaguya was pro-human since she had been preparing to face off with Momoshiki and the others with an army of White Zetsus. 

Sasuke drawing connection between the karma seal and Otsutsuki in Boruto Manga

While Amado was revealing all this information to the Hokage and his subordinates, Kashin Koji had begun his face-off with Jigen at the base of Kara.

While Kashin Koji was hoping to spring a surprise on Jigen and attack him, it seems like the latter had known all along that Kahshin Koji and Amado had betrayed him and helped Kawaki escape. When asked about what his motives were, Kashin Koji mentions that unlike Jigen, he does not want the Chakra fruit, instead, he was created with only one intention, to kill Jigen.

Kashin Koji from Boruto Manga

While having this conversation with Jigen, Kashin Koji had arranged for one of his toads to transfer the live feed of what was happening to Amado. Amado then displays this to Naruto and the others, in a bid to gain their trust. 

Chapter 45 of Boruto manga ties together lot of plot threads from Naruto Shippuden. It also acts as a recap for readers who had either forgotten or are not familiar with the settings of Naruto Shippuden. However, the information revealed does have some flaws if we compare it in detail with what we had seen in Naruto Shippuden and also raises more questions about the Ten tails and the Chakra fruit, which Jigen who is now an Otsutsuki is looking to acquire.

The next chapter will probably feature even more information and reveals about what exactly the intentions of Kara are and why Amado and Kashin Koji decided to betray the organisation. Also, Kashin Koji being created to kill Jigen has added more fuel to the theory that he is actually Jiraiya whose body was retrieved and altered by Amado.

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