Boruto: Is Isshiki Really Dead? A Small Detail Says Otherwise!

Isshiki and Boruto in the manga

Chapter 53 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations created another set of shock waves in the Boruto and Naruto fandom, especially with Isshiki’s death. While it seemed inevitable in the long run, dying so early and that too against Kawaki as he used a shadow clone was not something a lot of the people from the Boruto fandom saw coming.

As soon as he completed infusing his Karma Seal onto Kawaki, his body started crumbling. What happened next was something that Isshiki never imagined. The Karma seal disappeared into thin air! Kawaki outsmarted Isshiki by baiting him into infesting his Karma seal on his shadow clone. However, a small detail about this shadow clone could change Isshiki’s and Kawaki’s fates.

Is Isshiki Otsutsuki really dead?

From what he have seen in Boruto chapter 53, Isshiki is dead. The Otsutsuki was the greatest threat the shinobi world had ever faced. While falling to a petty trap like a shadow clone can be explained logically, it still is quite surprising as Isshiki was quite dominant against Naruto and Sasuke.

Kawaki used Shadow Clone Jutsu to kill Isshiki Otsutsuki.

However, many fans are still skeptical about the Otsutsuki’s death. Some believe that he could still be alive. While all that we can do right now is speculate, it is a possibility that Isshiki survived, somehow.

Let’s go over some of the possibilities by which Isshiki might be alive:

Kawaki’s Shadow Clone:

While the Karma seal on Kawaki’s clone disappeared, the canon scenes from the original Naruto series hint towards other possibilities as well.
It is stated that a clone’s chakra and experience is returned to the caster once the jutsu is undone. Meaning, there’s a slight chance that some part of Isshiki’s Karma seal might have remained.

Naruto was able to use this feature of the Shadow clones to master the Rasenshuriken attack.

While the karma seal has disappeared, it must have transferred at least some information to the original user of the jutsu, making this a strong possibility. The Karma seal may likely appear on Kawaki overtime. The Karma works by slowly rewriting a vessel’s genetic profile overtime so that the Otsutuski user can reincarnate. It essentially works on the chakra and the genes, so it would be foolish to outright ignore this possibility.


This one is unlikely; might as well mention it. It could be a possibility that the Kara organisation has an extra vessel who has a karma seal and Amado is unaware of. Jigen was suspicious of Amado ever since Kawaki gave them the slip. It is possible that he prepared contingency plans, just in case.

As I said before, this is unlikely as Amado must have made sure that there are no other vessels.

However, there’s another way by which Isshiki could be brought back:

Judging by the current situation, it does not seem like Momoshiki would face a lot of obstacles, if any. Naruto has exhausted his life span by quite a bit and Sasuke’s Rinne-Sharingan has been destroyed.

We know that Amado has all the data related to Kara, including Jigen/Isshiki Otsutsuki. In the worst possible outcome, Amado might recreate a weaker form of Karma seal on Kawaki to battle Borushiki as a last resort to stop Borushiki.

However, Kawaki says that he’ll send Boruto to the same place as the Seventh Hokage; meaning that Isshiki might manage to overpower Kawaki and take control.

Kawaki vs Boruto (Post time skip).

There isn’t anything one can say for sure, especially when Masashi Kishimoto, aka the King of Trolls, is back. We’ve already had a taste of this, as Kawaki managed to kill Isshiki with a shadow clone, who was dominant against Naruto and Sasuke.

What do you guys think? Is Isshiki alive? Or did he die for once and for all? Comment down below and read our other articles on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and some of your other favourite series!

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