Boruto Episode 204 Review: Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke!

The latest episode of Boruto finally gave what the fans were practically begging for, Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke! So, let’s jump on the hype train and review Boruto episode 204 in detail!

Boruto Episode 204: Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke

What better gift could one ask for on Father’s Day, right? The latest episode of Boruto finally gave what the fans were practically begging for, Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke! So, let’s jump on the hype train and review Boruto episode 204 in detail! 
In this review, I’ll dissect the episode into sections and give my thoughts on them. 

The Plot: 

Boruto episode 204 is titled “He’s Bad News”, the same as chapter 38 of the manga. As you can understand from this, only one chapter was adapted into this episode. While it may seem like one episode for just one chapter will stagnate the pacing; that isn’t the case at all! In fact, the episode is erupting with exciting peaks!

Boruto chapter 38's cover
Boruto chapter 38’s cover

The plot of this episode is rather simple since only one chapter has been animated. The episode picks off with Naruto and Sasuke standing against Jigen in a super sleek and clean drone-like shot; building hype around the already super anticipated showdown. 

The episode also focuses on what’s happening in Konoha while Jigen is sparring against the defenders of Konoha. In Konoha, Ino is communicating with Shikamaru and giving him details of the situation. Shikamaru was shocked by the sudden disappearance of both Naruto and Jigen. He proceeds to declare an emergency and orders for a barrier team to work directly under him. 

Coming to Naruto’s house, Kawaki is on his knees in the middle of the living room, in shock. Sarada arrived at Naruto’s house to give the flowers she bought for Kawaki; only to be greeted with her master gravely injured.

With pretty much all of the plot explained, let’s get into the real meat of the episode, the fight scenes! 

Fight Scenes: 

This fight is literally everything Boruto fans could ask for! Insane taijutsu, slick, technical use of ninjutsu and amazing animation and osts! We received what we asked for sure! The fight was a massive upgrade from the manga version. While mangas are usually at a disadvantage, they can still deliver 10/10 fight scenes. However, this isn’t the case for Boruto. The fights in the manga are rather lacklustre and appalling as the motion of the people involved isn’t as clear. The fights in Boruto are really just collages of the fights from the anime with a black and white filter. 

While one may argue that this is bound to happen since the manga is quite literally just pictures; Boruto’s fight scenes lack fluidity in comparison to its competitors like Jujutsu Kaisen, CSM, etc. 

Nonetheless, we do have the anime! The anime’s fluid and beautiful fight sequence was INSANE. 

So, What Exactly Happened During the Fight?

Naruto and Sasuke started off by playing it slowly to measure Jigen. They used a combination of Taijutsu and Ninjutsu while attacking simultaneously. 

The duo ended up on the back foot since they were holding back, and something seemed fishy. Jigen could create chakra rods instantly out of thin air and cause heavy damage with ease. In fact, the whole process was so fast that Sasuke couldn’t even keep up with his Sharingan!

To understand what the hell Jigen was doing, Sasuke went on the back foot and asked Naruto to do his thing. Well, Naruto’s thing is to capture all of the attention, and so he did with his signature, Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu; Naruto summoned thousands of shadow clones to attack Jigen with possibly every style of fighting that the Hokage was aware of. 

Boruto episode 204 Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke

This also worked as an amazing showing of Jigen’s strength and capabilities. While fighting the shadow clones, Jigen’s prowess reminded me of Madara Uchiha. Everybody remembers how Madara danced through the Allied Shinobi Forces’ attacks and wiped the floor off of their feet; Jigen did the same. He annihilated all the shadow clones with his commendable skills in both Taijutsu and Ninjutsu and also the ability to predict attacks and counter them flawlessly. 

However, all of the chakra that Naruto burnt to make these shadow clones didn’t go to waste! Sasuke finally caught on to Jigen’s ability; the ability to shrink! While it sounds like a fairly simple technique, Jigen had perfected it. He had complete control over his powers and was nothing less than a god. 

Knowing their opponent’s ability, Naruto and Sasuke launched a cunning counter-attack! Everything was going according to their plan and they had finally “trapped” Jigen by making him absorb Naruto’s Rasengan in his shrunken state. Still, Jigen managed to escape using Space-Time Ninjutsu!

After finally facing some risk against the two, Jigen decided that it was time to end things. Naruto and Sasuke were too dangerous to just play around with; they have flawless teamwork and can make counters on the go without any discussion! 

After arriving at the next stage of the fight, we finally witness the three of them go all out. Naruto and Sasuke activate Kyuubi Mode and Susanoo respectively while Jigen amps up to use all of his Karma seal’s powers.

Boruto episode 204 Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke

The Otsutsuki was completely unfazed by this. While it seemed like he was just talking big; he completely dominated the fight yet again. He one-punched through Naruto and Sasuke out of their strongest modes! When I say nobody, NOBODY expected Jigen to be so dominant.
Even Naruto, the person who never gives up admitted that there was nothing that he and Sasuke could do to win against Jigen right now. 

To deliver the final blow, Jigen attacked the two using chakra rods protruding from the ground into their skin. 

Boruto episode 204 Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke

Then, Jigen declared that he plans to seal Naruto inside the coffin they’re standing on. Being the loud-mouthed person he is, Naruto kept poking Jigen to try to kill him as it would buy time for Sasuke. However, Kurama stopped the Hokage from playing such risky cards.

In the end, Jigen was approaching Sasuke to kill him and then seal Naruto. However, Naruto intercepted using shadow clones and allowed Sasuke to escape to Konoha. 
If you’re wondering if Jigen made it back unscathed after delivering such a beating; he didn’t! The Karma’s vessel was in pieces after fighting and fending off blows against Konoha’s monsters.

Then, the vessel revealed its true identity! The person who infested Jigen with the Karma Seal was Isshiki Otsutsuki! Next, the episode ends with Kawaki’s prosthetic arm falling, indicating that something happened to Naruto. 

Wow! What an episode, right? With everybody worried about Naruto’s condition; that last scene of Kawaki’s arm falling made people’s hearts fall right out of them too! Everybody is worried about Naruto! Is he gone forever? Can he be unsealed? Is he alive? Can he survive? Click here to know if Naruto survived! 

Next Episode’s Preview: 

The cliffhanger ending of the episode has people begging to know about Naruto’s condition. However, it seems like there’s time until we’ll get to know about Naruto. The preview showed Kawaki being put under house arrest and Shikamaru working to find a way to save Naruto. What more will entail because of this fight? Well, keep watching Boruto find out (or you could binge the manga to understand things)!

Final Thoughts: 

Boruto episode 204 completely lived up to the expectations. Unlike the manga, the fight sequences were amazing, especially the anime-only ones. The anime made the fight more interesting and compelling while making sure that the duo’s decisions don’t seem pointless. The manga seems dull in comparison; as the fight seems like a toned-down version of Amenotejikara.

The Kawaki Arc’s true action starts from this point, so don’t miss a single episode! And, remember! Sundays are Boruto days! Also, make sure to tell us your thoughts on Boruto episode 204 in the comments below!

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