Boruto Episode 202 Review: The Cult!

Boro from Boruto

Titled “The Cult”, episode 202 of the Boruto anime dives deeper into Kara’s inner, Boro and the leader Jigen! This episode revealed a lot about Boro, Jigen and the Otsutsuki Clan. So, without any further ado, let’s break this episode down! 

So, What Happened in Boruto Episode 202?

The Boruto anime’s episode 202 starts off with Boro finding a small pouch in the crashed Kara airship. With a smug look on his face, it seems like he has found something interesting. The episode further explains Boro’s background as we dwell deeper into his life. 

Boro is a cult leader, which seems to revolve around him and the Otsutsuki gods. There, he is referred to as “Lord Boro” with deep respect by the members of the cult. All of the members seem to either suffer from terminal illnesses or have lost someone dear to them. 

A lot of people here have been affected by the 4th Great Ninja War and its after-effects like poverty and looting. Losing family, friends, limbs and things dear to them had left them meaningless. In this darkness, “Lord Boro” was their saviour, someone who showed them a way to let go of this misery and keep on living. This ray of hope which Boro gave was the Infinite Tsukuyomi. He tells his followers that the Otsutsukis are gods, and they had come down to Earth to free their people from evils like injustice and poverty. 

Boro in Boruto episode 202

However, one has to sacrifice their soul to the divine tree in order to gain eternal peace. Our Lord Boro here believes that the shinobi world went against history and nature by killing Kaguya and Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Hence, the Otsutsukis have sent another god, Jigen to save their poor souls.

He also explains how he has met Jigen and has been blessed with indescribable powers. During his speech, he also introduces the cult to a few more children; children who have lost everything in fights.

But, things don’t go as smooth as he wanted them to be. Just when the children have accepted him as their Lord and had prayed, one of the cult member’s brother arrives to save his sister. Claiming to have found a doctor capable enough to save her life, he pleads her to come back home. However, she declines. 

He even calls out Boro for being a manipulative fraudster. Then, Boro tries to explain that what he says is true and that he cannot die anymore, all because of Jigen’s blessings. To prove his point, he lets Inori’s brother attack him once. The latter attacks using a flashy water-style Jutsu which splits Boro’s body into two. Just when the children lost their footing, he heals back to normal and moves his hand, which instantly kills the boy. 

There’s a lot to take in here. Boro seems to believe in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, or it could be just that he dreams to become a god himself. He certainly has taken a few steps to achieve it. He also has amazing regenerative abilities and a secret Jutsu!

Moreover, the direction of these scenes makes it perfect. The scene where Boro talks about the powers he received from Jigen makes a deep impact. With him standing out in the sunlight as a black, shadow-like figure, he gives off the impression of a god with enlightenment. This reminds me of that scene from Naruto Shippuden, where Deidara saw Itachi as a god with similar conditions. Both, Itachi and Boro make an impression that they are aiming for something far bigger than what’s in reach of a normal human being and are filled with confidence. This managed to convince Deidara, and it convinced the children too.

Boro in episode 202 of Boruto

Another important thing to note here would be the pouch, as Boro makes it sound like it’s some sort of evidence against Kashin Koji. Considering that he found it in the crashed airship, is Koji related to the crashing in any way? Well, I guess that we’ll just have to wait to find out! 

On the other side, Boruto seems to be training with Mitsuki to fight against Jigen while Kawaki is trying to join the vase he broke. From the looks of it, it seems like Kawaki can’t find the last piece, still. There isn’t much about these three, as they’re just doing their normal things. 

However, our “Shadow Hokage”, Sasuke, is involved in some serious business as usual. Sai has given him the scroll which contains coordinates to someplace related to Kara. One can reach it using Space-Time Ninjutsu only, hence Sasuke is the only person capable of going there. Nonetheless, the two understand the risk of going to a place like this. It could be Kara’s base, somewhere else or a trap. But, they have no choice, as Sasuke says. 

Then, he teleports himself to the coordinates, where he finds this weird structure with a few engravings on it. Upon touching one of them, Kinshiki appears from out of nowhere! However, it is just a hologram! Kinshiki isn’t the only Otsutsuki who has been engraved on this wall, it’s all of the Otsutsuki who have invaded Earth; Kinshiki, Momoshiki, Kaguya and one more. Another important thing to note is that these holograms appear on a limited surface, and it has the Rinne-Sharingan pattern on it!

Isshiki Otsutsuki in episode 202 of Boruto

Sasuke heard a weird noise as soon as he was about to look for something more. He was in complete shock after looking into the dome-like structure through the open space!
A juvenile tailed beast had been caged using chakra rods. Another portal opened before Sasuke could do anything!
Someone with a Karma seal arrived at the location through the portal and absorbed some chakra from the Ten-Tails. Sasuke knew that it had to be Jigen. He grew a horn during this process, confirming that he’s the Otsutsuki who came to Earth with Kaguya! Just when Sasuke says that he has to inform Naruto about this as soon as possible; Jigen says that he has to pay a visit to Kawaki and Boruto! 

Final Thoughts:

With this, the episode comes to an end! Overall this was a pretty good episode, as the anime included more about Boro and Kashin Koji, unlike the manga. All of this information is actually quite important since it will start connecting to other dots in the story over time!
The episode also did a good job to build the next episode’s hype, where Jigen will fight Naruto

So, what did you think of the Boruto anime’s episode 202? Let us know in the comments below! 

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3 thoughts on “Boruto Episode 202 Review: The Cult!”

  1. I don’t Like it how they usw the Anime to fill Manga-Plotholes and build Up characters.

    If they had Made the Anime First and Made the Manga as an extra IT would have been better

  2. This Episode touches a few good Points, that could have been a better Story than Otsutsuki.

    The suffering of Civilians because of Shinobi.

    I’m Just saying: Instead of Otsutsuki, they should have Kara entirely an Anti-Shinobi Organisation, with Civilians and Former Shinobi Wirkung together to get rid of the Shinobi System. By using Ninjatech Like Kote or a device similiar to Kote, but with absorbtion ability. (Maybe even pseudo Jinyuriki created with Chakra absorbed from Biju)

  3. The Cult and their believes…i can’t follow their thinking.

    The Roots of the Godtree appeared everywhere. As they emerged, they caused massive destruction everywhere (Imagine what happens, if an humongous tree root, appears in your house to catch and drain you, of your life force).
    The destruction caused by this event, robed them of their homes and probably their basis of existence by destroying Fields and such.

    Illness and injuries, shouldn’t be enough to generate followers of this scale, since the technology in the Narutoverse developed at an really crazy rate, after the war was over.

    The whole cult, is in my eyes, more or less an illogical rip off, of Enmus Minions in the “Mugen Train Arc” of Demon Slayer.


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