Boruto Chapter 51: Naruto Prepares To Sacrifice Himself!

Boruto Manga Chapter 51 cover

When Boruto got all cocky in the previous manga chapter saying Isshiki had some reason for not killing him, we thought this would be the trump card that would turn the battle in favour of the Konoha nin. However, our hopes fell flat as Isshiki once again continued to lord over both Naruto and Sasuke. Boruto too kinda gets payback in this chapter for his cocky attitude against an almost sentient being. 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 51 is titled Sacrifice. This, according to us, is a subtle play of words that can refer to two incidents in the chapter. The first one being how Isshiki planned on feeding Boruto to the ten tails as a sacrifice for the chakra fruit. And the second (and the most dreaded) one being Naruto getting ready to sacrifice himself in order to buy more time to protect both Boruto and Kawaki. 

Naruto plans to sacrifice his life

Boruto tried to pull off a bold move in the latest chapter by holding himself hostage. He assumed this would stop the Ohtsutsuki in his tracks. But the genin was shown his place in the battle in no time. Isshiki easily countered Boruto’s bluff and took down both him and Sasuke. While Boruto’s lack of battle experience could be blamed for him trying to pull off such a move, we wonder why a veteran like Sasuke was not able to read the situation better. The Uchiha again managed to get hit easily, not using any of his signature moves or powers. 

It is true that Isshiki can’t kill Boruto as he is an important pawn in Kara’s plan to cultivate the God tree and the chakra fruit. But, this did not stop him inflicting pain on the young ninja. 

And finally, after being absent for a considerable amount of time, Naruto returns to take part in the battle once again, albeit without a plan to take down Isshiki.

Naruto has no plans to take down Isshiki

This is so unlike him you’d say.

Even in the past, when Naruto faced huge problems, he had some trick, albeit stupid, up his sleeve. Look no further than his sexy jutsu against Kaguya to understand what we are trying to imply. But then, he somehow seems to have run out of ideas in this battle. 

The only saving grace is Naruto’s ‘never say die’ attitude. Being the Hokage, he plans to sacrifice his own life in order to protect the village and everyone else. But this again wouldn’t guarantee that Isshiki could be stopped. And kudos to Kurama, he understood the predicament Naruto was in. Since he had already decided to sacrifice his life anyway, Kurama offers him an ace up his sleeve. 

Kurama suggests an ace in the sleeve

Naruto has entered a new form now, which has significantly changed his looks as well as chakra nature (we think). It would be interesting to see what he would be able to pull off now.

Naruto's new form Chapter 51 Boruto

Time and again Naruto and Sasuke have mentioned that they were no match for Isshiki. But seeing them getting so easily overpowered by the Ohtsutsuki either points to the fact that the enemy is too powerful, or (as some fans believe) Ikemoto and Kodachi are doing a bad job of creating a good battle narrative. The legendary ninjas don’t seem prepared from the start to face a foe this strong. Factoring in Isshiki’s surprise attack on Konoha, it is safe to say that Naruto and Sasuke were at a heavy disadvantage. But even so, this battle does seem to be lacking something.

On the other hand, the information dumps that we have been receiving since Amado defected from Kara is substantial. The latest chapter too is an example of the same. From the secrets of growing the chakra fruit to the reason behind why Kaguya could possibly have betrayed Isshiki, a lot of stuff is explained in Chapter 51 of Boruto. 

However, amidst all that, we have seriously missed out on some battle intelligence and battle scenes for sure. The information revealed in this chapter also clashes with some facts established in Naruto Shippuden about Kaguya and the chakra fruit, which makes us wonder what the creators could be planning.

Also, there is something happening to Kawaki. On the top, it seems that he is frustrated because he is not powerful enough to help Naruto. But deep down, there is some sort of change happening to him, now that he has lost his karma seal. Even Amado points this out. Well that apart, it seems that Naruto’s new form and change in chakra (as noticed by Sasuke and Isshiki) would be the major focus in the next chapter. Will the Seventh Hokage really end up sacrificing his life? We shall know when the next chapter drops.

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