Boruto Chapter 46, True Identities: Major Reveals Follow In An Amazing Chapter

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The latest chapter of Boruto manga all but confirms one of the longest running fan theories of the franchise, while making some bold revelations about the Ohtsutsuki clan and the Karma seal which we have wanted to know for long.

With everything that was revealed, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 46 just upped the ante of the whole series. We just can’t stop thinking about all the future possibilities given the current predicament the karma mark seems to have put Naruto in. The chapter seemed pretty much balanced overall in terms of action as well as plot progression. 

The following article will contain spoilers relating to the latest chapters of Boruto:Naruto Next Generations manga. We suggest that you acquaint yourself with the latest chapters the manga on before planning to read any further.

Let’s dive into the latest Boruto chapter without much ado.

Boruto Manga Chapter 46 Reviews and Spoilers:

Judging from the title of Boruto Manga Chapter 46 , True Identities, we were all but sure that Kashin Koji’s identity would be revealed. Instead, we got some much needed information about the karma seal, Jigen’s backstory and his link to Isshiki Ohtsutsuki. However, from all the hints that were dropped in ‘True identities’, it is all but confirmed that Kashin Koji is none other than Jiraiya.

If the story continues forward in the same vein, it is a certainty that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will reach the same heights as Naruto. The reason? Naruto faces one of the biggest challenges of his life knowing that he may have to resort to killing Boruto, if he can’t stop Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki from being revived in his son’s body.

The latest chapter picks up from where the previous one left off, with Kashin Koji and Jigen continuing their fight. Kashin’s fighting style which includes him using flame bombs, oil bombs, and the dark swamp makes even (a dense) Naruto question his real identity. To add to it, Kashin famously calls himself a shinobi who is willing to be used as a tool to bring down a formidable opponent.

Kashin Koji says that he is a shinobi in Boruto manga chapter 46
Kashin Koji dropping all the hints about his identity

Putting it all together, one can easily guess his true identiy. It only needs to be seen how Amado came across Jiriaya and put him to use (Orochimaru is a strong link, fans think). Also, judging from his reactions, Naruto too has a vague idea in mind about the possible identity of Kashin Koji. But then this also raises a major question in our mind. Has Amado been active since way before the fourth shinobi war? If yes, then we might be getting to see lot more of our old favourite characters as their arcs intertwine.

However, this was nothing compared to what we saw later.

Amado has been relaying vital intelligence regarding Kara and Jigen over the past few chapters to Naruto, Sasuke and Shikamaru (Boruto & Kawaki are there too, but meh..) at Konoha. He continued to do the same this time around as we received more conclusive information about the karma seal, in addition to the ‘live streaming’ of the fight between Jigen and Kashin Koji . 

Apparently Amado’s motivation for letting Konoha in on Kara’s secrets is because he wants to teach Naruto and the others “to kill an Ohtsutsuki!” Given how Naruto and Sasuke were only able to seal Kaguya in the fourth shinobi war back in Naruto Shippuden, this would be a vital piece of information if they are to face the God like Ohtsutsuki’s again.

how to kill an ohtsutsuki
Read Boruto manga and learn how to kill an Ohtsutsuki

While it is true that both Naruto and Sasuke have become way more powerful, and also managed to take down Momoshiki (but not kill him), the information being provided by Amado is very important. Because, if an Ohtsutsuki marks anyone with a Karma seal, then their revival is all but guaranteed. Knowing how to end them once and for all is the need of the hour (and from the looks of it senjutsu seems to be inflicting damage on them, go sage mode!!)

And that’s precisely why the situation at hand seems very dire.

Marked with the karma seal, Boruto will almost certainly turn into Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki’s vessel, and the only way to stop it from happening is by killing him, or so Amado thinks. This reveal lays the perfect groundwork for the rest of the Karai arc or Boruto manga as a whole, as our protagonist will now have a definite goal to achieve which transcends multiple arcs.

Boruto will have to be killed in order to stop the Ohtsutsukis
Boruto will have to be killed?

The way this new information came to light was totally natural and believable. Also, given the heavy involvement of the Ohtsutsuki clan and the mention of Kaguya betraying Isshiki expands the horizons of the series well into Naruto. Knowing why she did it might also form a major crux of the story as we move forward, giving it a much needed continuity. Credits are due to Ukyo Kodachi for coming up with such an engrossing narrative to the series.

In addition to all this, we get to knwo more about Jigen’s background, and how he fell victim to Isshiki Ohtsutsuki, who at the time was looking for a way to survive after being trashed by Kaguya (which means he is more than thousands of years old). With Kawaki confirmed to be the new vessel that Isshiki is aiming to attain, the seeds of a long conflict between the Kara and Konoha have been sown. We are able to envision a full blown battle happening in the near future (say in the next 20 chaters or so) and are very excited about it.

Overall, the chapter was certainly one of the best in the whole series, building on the success of the previous ones. The Ohtsutsuki past/lore is getting more and more interesting with each chapter and we hope that the creators try to flesh out more details about it in the future. With a lot of unanswered questions and the hopes of Kashin Koji being confirmed as Jiraiya, we are going to wait for the next chapter of Boruto:Naruto Next Generations.

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