Boruto-Chapter 41 Review, Welcome Captain Sarada!


Sooooooo, the Chapter 41 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is out and like the rest of the manga, continues to excite readers (as opposed to the anime which is rolling out fillers).

The last Boruto chapter of 2019 certainly didn’t disappoint as it revealed some details about the Karma and ended on a high as Kawaki rushes to stop Boro from breaking Naruto’s coffin like enclosure. Sarada was the hero in the chapter and Mitsuki comes a close second as the next generation of shinobi try to find a way to defeat a power Kara member, Boro.

You can read the latest chapter on Viz for free. And yes, this post contains spoilers about Boruto Chapter-41.

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Boruto Chapter-41 Plot

In the previous chapter, Boruto Uzumaki, Kawaki, Mitsuki and Sarada Uchiha teleport to where Naruto is being held and face off Boro, who is one of the inner members of Kara, a mysterious organisation. By the end of the chapter, Boro’s dark mist had rendered Boruto, Kawaki and Mitsuki paralysed, forcing Sarada to suggest all four of them to retreat as they tried to device a plan to beat their opponent.

The latest chapter of Boruto begins with the young Shinobis trying to figure out what the dark mist that rendered them unable to move was. During the discussion, Kawaki reveals some secrets about the Karma and why it was not able to absorb the black mist that was released by Boro. Kawaki explains that the Karma can only absorb chakra based jutsus and not physical matter.

Mitsuki who managed to collect the dark mist while fighting Boro, asks Sarada to analyse it with her Sharingan and to their surprise they are viruses. Deducing that the viruses can only be produced by scientific ninja tool, the new look Team 7 comes up with a plan with Sarada acting as their captain.

Sarada then manages to hold Boro off on her own, allowing Mitsuki to cultivate antibodies from Boro’s blood and reverse the effects of the dark mist. The boys then pitch in, with Boruto and Kawaki decapitating Boro with a rasengan unison.

Sarada Uchiha Fights with Boro, Boruto Chapter 41
Source: Viz

If you are a fan of the young Uchiha, you certainly don’t wan’t to miss her fight with Boro.

However, thanks to his excellent regenerative abilities the Kara member survives their attack. As team 7 takes up position to fight him again, with Sarada urging them to stick to their plan, Boro decided that the only way to break their teamwork is by attacking Naruto, a trick which Kawaki falls for.

Boruto Chapter 41 Ending Panel

The chapter ends with Kawaki taking bait and rushing to save Naruto, while Sarada calls out his name.

Boruto Chapter-41 Review:

The chapter certainly doesn’t disappoint and has some very exciting moments. It gives some new info regarding Karma, which hopefully would prove useful in the future chapters. Team 7 seems to be gelling quite well as they are able to hold off on their own against a powerful Boro and able to counter his dark mist, with Sarada acting as a tactician and Mitsuki acting as the brains.

Interestingly, the latest chapter highlights Sarada, as the team chooses her to be their captain (though Boruto seems a tiny bit disgruntled about the decision, he agrees nevertheless) and then she apparently goes on to device the plan which seems to have taken down Boro. This may be the writer’s way of shaping her to be the next Hokage. If yes it would be interesting to see how the relationship between Boruto and Sarada develop.

Sarada chosen as captain in Boruto Chapter 41

The fight sequences are good and crisp. There is no waste of time with useless dialogues or explanations. The discussions about Karma and the Sharingan being used to see through the dark mist too seemed logical enough and we don’t have any problems there.

The best part has to be the cliffhanger at the end, as we have to wait one month too see if Sarada foresaw that Boro would go for Naruto and managed to come up with a counter for the same or if Kawaki fell for the Kara member’s ploy.

Anyways our questions will only be answered when the next chapter comes out in January.

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