Bofuri Anime To Get A Second Season In 2022

The second season for Bofuri: I Don’t Want To Get Hurt, So I’ll Max out My Defense anime has been announced. “Maple and Sally’s Defense Specialization and Live Special” stream announced the news on Saturday. The second season will air in 2022 on television. The first season’s pilot aired on 8 January, 2020. It aired simultaneously on Funimation, in both Japanese and English dub as well.


Shin Oonuma directed the first season along with Mirai Minato. Kazuya Hirata was the chief animator and character desingner. The composer in charge was Fumihiko Shimo. Yummikan was the original story writer and published the story on the website, Let’s Become Novelists.

The story is based on a virtual reality MMO game. The protagonist, Kaede Honjo, really dislikes getting hurt. Her friend, Risa Shiramine, invited her to play the game. Honjo created a character, Maple, who’s defense stats are off the charts. Although his puts her at a disadvantage as she moves very slow due to the character’s heavy armor. This particular defense unlocks two special skills, “Absolute Defence” and “Kill Counter”. This gives her the ability to neglect all damage, from special attacks as well. With her invincible defense stats she goes on various adventures throughout the games.

Source : Maple and Sally’s Defense Specialization and Live Special stream

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