Bocchi The Rock! Manga Author Says Its Impossible To End Anime In 4 Episodes

Bocchi The Rock! has been a surprise hit among the roster of currently airing anime, with fans praising it for its slice of life moments and comedy.

After the eighth episode of the anime, which aired on Nov 26, 2022, Aki Hamaji, the author of the original manga, had praised the how well the anime had adapted the first live performance of the Kessoku band. However, along with all this, he also made a rather interesting tweet about the Bocchi the Rock! anime’s ending.

According to him, “it is impossible to end this in 4 more episodes.”

“It’s impossible….it’s impossible to!!! It’ s really impossible so please…!!!! Please!!!!! I’m begging you!!!!!!” the author’s tweet read.

Bocchi the Rock!‘s anime adaptation is being done by CloverWorks, and it is slated to have 12 episodes this season.

 It was released in Japan on Oct 9, 2022.

The anime is directed by Keiichiro Saito, with Yusuke Yamamoto serving as assistant director. Erika Yoshida was in charge of writing the series’ scripts, and Kerorira as character designer. Tomoki Kikuya composed the music.

Bocchi the Rock! is a Japanese four-panel manga series written and illustrated by Aki Hamaji, serialized in Houbunsha’s seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara Max since December 2017. The manga’s chapters have been collected in four tankobon volumes as of Aug 26, 2022.