Black Clover Chapter 274: New Players In The Battle Against The Spade Kingdom And Megicula

Black Clover Manga Chapter 274 came as more of a set-up chapter. The counter-attack of the Clover Kingdom has begun, while the Heart Kingdom is probably (?) still in shambles. We see many new faces that joined the battle against the Spade Kingdom. Tabata-sensei sure owes us some explanations for the characters and happenings, but yes, things are slowly coming together. Let’s straight dive into who we saw and what all went on in the latest chapter!

The chapter opens to the small party of Magic Knights accompanying Nacht to the Spade Kingdom. As shown in the previous chapter, Asta is still training with Liebe to achieve a stable Devil Union. Jack hilariously remarks that they weren’t counting him anyway (LMAO, take a chill pill, Jack!)

We finally see the explanation for the presence of Dark Lord Sekke, and it is just as we suspected – it is the doing of the phony King, Augustus Kira Clover XIII. Everyone is just underestimating him, SMH! Wait till he saves the day! Well. Coming back, we see some very unexpected faces in the group, though.

Eye of the Midnight Sun Trio

Surprise, surprise! The once-loyal followers of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, or as I’d like to call them, the redemption trio, are here too! If you’re like me and they slipped your mind, don’t worry. These are Sally, Rades, and Valtos. Quick recap, yeah?

Eye of the Midnight Sun Trio

Sally is an intelligent but slightly (very) unhinged person who likes to conduct bizarre experiments. Case in point: she agreed to help in the Clover Kingdom defenses if they’d let her experiment on Asta. Well, at least something good came out of your suffering, Asta! She came up with magic-camouflaging cloaks for the Magic Knights after her study. Good job. Sally also has many dark magic tools and gel magic.

Rades is the one responsible for the chaos in the Royal Capital Arc. He has the Soul Corpse magic, which allows him to modify and control corpses. The Clover Kingdom banished him because his magic & one-page grimoire repulsed some Purple Orca Knights. He joined the Eye of the Midnight Sun and was one of the sacrifices. He also developed the ability to recall and fully revive the dead souls.

Lastly, Valtos. He is the user of spatial magic and is adept at using the magic to attack the opponents. His spatial spells are also very powerful – we saw him open five giant portals simultaneously, not to mention his incredibly calm and collected stance even in icky situations.

It was an excellent decision to take the trio along. They are very good at support and their magic prowess will help the Clover Knights focus on fighting the big shots. Spatial Magic is always welcome and just might be the key to rescuing Yami and William. Rades’s corpses are incredibly powerful, too, and his new ability will be something to look out too. Sally’s dark magic items have stumped a number of magic knights.

A new character, Maxa

That aside, we also see a brand-new face that seems very familiar with the trio. He replied to a concerned Nozel about the new cloaks. Judging by the reactions of Rades and Valtos, Maxa seems pretty knowledgeable about magic items. He also defends Sally’s expertise in making magic items. Hmmm, just who might this be? Sally’s brother? An assistant? Or maybe another person who was in line for redemption and made friends with Sally? Guess we’ll have to go with these speculations for now.

Maxa, a new character

Nacht and the Resistance Forces

Can I just say that Nacht is so cool? I can see why Yami chose him as the Vice-Captain. His magic is powerful, yes, but he is very perceptive too. He has been in contact with the Resistance forces of the Spade Kingdom for a while now. The Resistance is a group of people who still believe in the past rightful king and don’t recognize the Dark Triad as the rulers. One of their members, Ralph, also made it to the Clover Kingdom to tell Yuno about his royal lineage.

The Resistance of the Spade Kingdom

Nacht recognized their ability to support the Clover Kingdom’s mission and decided to cooperate with them, unknown to Yuno. It will be interesting to see what kind of magic and skills Nacht saw to collude with the people.


The Demon

Zenon reiterated through his actions in Chapter 274 that the Dark Triad are ruthless in their pursuit of the Tree of the Qliphoth. The “Demon” from the previous chapter was unleashed on the Resistance Forces. The amount of mana even worried the Magic Captains accompanying Nacht.

The demon of Spade Kingdom

The point of interest here is the reaction of the people. They call out “the legendary ancient demon” in surprise as if this thing has been revived or existed before. It looks similar to Licht’s demon, but that demon is a mere skull now. Or is it another corrupted elf? Were there Elves in the Spade Kingdom too? Or are the people mistaking it to be the Clover Kingdom’s demon from long ago? There are many possibilities of what this creature is, and honestly, it could be anything from those or something entirely different.

Whatever it is, it cannot beat one person and that is:



Listen. I love Mereoleona. This is indeed me fangirling over her for an entire section LOL. Oh, you guys have a demon? How cute. Here is our Sisgoleon with her Hulk punch! What a badass entrance. I always love it when she shows up. And her new look!! She looks even more HAWT (can Leopold and she bet on who pulls it off better? I bet on Mereo :P), and I am so HYPED to know what and how she developed in the past six months. Can you perfect perfection? Apparently, yes.

No update on the Heart Kingdom

Sadly there was no update on the situation of the Heart Kingdom. Noelle, Mimosa, and Lolopechika ended up in the Elysia region where the Elves live. They are training to get stronger. We also don’t know how the other Magic Knights are doing after fighting with Vanica’s followers. Hopefully, we get an update soon!

What did you think about the chapter? And do you have any ideas what the next chapter will show us? Read the new chapter at Viz and let me know in the comments!

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