Best Selling Manga In Japan In May 2022

Spy x Family topped the franchise sales once again

Oricon released the fifth monthly ranking for the year 2022 which presents the overall sales data for May 2022. The ranking shows franchise sales numbers as well as the top individual manga volume numbers.

Tatsuya Endo‘s Spy x Family takes the top spot in Oricon sales by series once again with 1,780,906 copies sold. The sales number is mostly boosted by the ongoing anime, released in Spring 2022.

The following list covers the Top 20 series in Oricon’s May 2022 sales:

RankTitleAuthorCopies Sold
1Spy x FamilyTatsuya Endo1,780,906
2My Hero AcademiaKohei Horikoshi770,373
3Tokyo RevengersKen Wakui430,858
4Jujutsu KaisenGege Akutami424,166
5One Punch Man ONE & Yusuke Murata359,149
6Golden KamuySatoru Noda301,258
7AoashiYuugo Kobayashi & Naohiko Nomura267,667
8Blue LockMuneyuki Kaneshiro & Yusuke Nomura256,782
9One PieceEiichiro Oda216,529
10Uma Musume: Cinderella GrayPierre Sugiura, Taiyou Kuzumi, Yousuke Kabashima & Cygames 215,325
11Natsume’s Book of FriendsYuki Midorikawa211,021
12Shikimori’s Not Just a CutieKeigo Maki193,673
13Rurouni Kenshin: The Hokkaido ArcNobuhiro Watsuki & Kaoru Kurosaki181,495
14A Couple of CuckoosMiki Yoshikawa165,619
15Detective ConanGosho Aoyama164,890
16DandadanYukinobu Tatsu163,876
17The Quintessential QuintupletsNegi Haruba149,535
18Space BrothersChuya Koyama148,472
19The Fable- The Second ContactKatsuhisa Minami145,660
20In the Clear Moonlit DuskMika Yamamori144,451

In fact, Spy x Family grabs the most spots in the individual volume-wise sales chart for Japan’s May 2022 sales. However, My Hero Academia tops the chart as its new volume 34 sold 607,459 copies.

The list covers the Top 20 volume-wise Oricon’s April 2022 sales:

RankTitleVolumeAuthorCopies Sold
1My Hero Academia34Kohei Horikoshi607,459
2One Punch Man25ONE & Yusuke Murata315,396
3Spy x Family9Tatsuya Endo274.816
4Spy x Family8Tatsuya Endo210,572
5Spy x Family4Tatsuya Endo195,385
6Spy x Family7Tatsuya Endo193,548
7Spy x Family5Tatsuya Endo193,530
8Spy x Family6Tatsuya Endo191,935
9Rurouni Kenshin: The Hokkaido Arc7Nobuhiro Watsuki & Kaoru Kurosaki173,288
10Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray7Pierre Sugiura, Taiyou Kuzumi, Yousuke Kabashima & Cygames172,709
11Natsume’s Book of Friends28Yuki Midorikawa172,134
12Spy x Family1Tatsuya Endo162,958
13Spy x Family2Tatsuya Endo162,007
14Spy x Family3Tatsuya Endo161,282
15Jujutsu Kaisen19Gege Akutami138,085
16Space Brothers41Chuya Koyama134,200
17Tokyo Revengers27Ken Wakui133,008
18The Fable- The Second Contact3Katsuhisa Minami125,816
19Blue Lock19Muneyuki Kaneshiro & Yusuke Nomura124,830
20In the Clear Moonlit Dusk4Mika Yamamori123,728

Spy x Family topped the best-selling manga list in Japan for the first time in April. It also grabbed most spots in the volume wise chart as well.

In March, Jujutsu Kaisen topped franchise sales charts, breaking the sales record for the second time this year.

In February, Tokyo Revengers topped both franchise sales numbers and the top individual manga volume numbers, while in January Jujutsu Kaisen showed a similar feat.

Best selling manga in Japan for the previous month(s):

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