Bandai Namco Employee Fired For Stealing 87 Million Yen Worth Merchandise


Bandai Namco Holdings announced on Nov 24, 2023, that they have fired a temporary employee associated with its subsidiary, “Bandai Namco Business Arc” on Nov 20 on grounds of stealing 87 million yen worth merchandise.


The company had promptly filed a criminal complaint with the police on the same day as the employee’s termination.

According to Bandai, the fraudulent activities came to light in June when external information at the company raised suspicions of irregularities in the leakage of products. This triggered an immediate investigation, uncovering that an individual had gained access to the company’s accumulation warehouse and stole scheduled-for-disposal items.

The company then reported the incident to the police, and established an internal investigation committee. The results of the investigation revealed the (now former) employee’s involvement in stealing and selling the scheduled-for-disposal items to external vendors from 2015 to 2023, spanning approximately eight years.

This unauthorized sale amounted to 87 million yen.

Bandai Namco revealed the necessity of pursuing not only civil but also criminal liability in this matter. The company vowed to fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation led by law enforcement agencies.

Earlier this year, Bandai Namco had filed a lawsuit against an ex-employee who embezzled 600 million yen (~$4.6 million) by selling over 4,400 mobile devices that belonged to the company.

Source: Oricon

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