Azuki Licenses Hikaru In The Light! Manga

The service has made a free preview of the manga's first chapter available on its website and apps.


KiraKira Media Inc.’s digital manga subscription service, Azuki, announced in a press release on Saturday, May 28, 2021, that it has licensed Mai Matsuda‘s idol manga Hikaru in the Light! for worldwide distribution (outside of Japan) in English.

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Azuki will begin serializing Matsuda’s Hikaru in the Light! manga on June 13. A new chapter will release every week until the service catches up to the Japanese serialization. Azuki will then release chapters as “simulpubs” twice a month, as soon as they come out in Japan.

The service has made a free preview of the manga’s first chapter available on its website and apps. Hikaru in the Light! is the first manga that Azuki has licensed directly from Japan, according to the company.

“Hikaru in the Light! is the first title Azuki has licensed directly from Japan, and we’re excited to introduce fans around the world to Mai Matsuda’s inspiring story and beautiful artwork,” said Azuki’s Co-Founder and Marketing/Licensing Director Evan Minto. “This is just the beginning for us. We will continue to bring new stories to our members as Azuki grows.”

The company describes the story:

“In order to get up on stage, you need to be special.”

Hikaru Ogino spends her days singing oldies in her family’s bathhouse, but when her best friend Ran — a former idol — invites her to try out for an “idol survival camp” together, it’ll put her talents to the test. Can Hikaru outshine the competition and make her stage debut, or will she fall flat? Witness the birth of a new star in this exciting story about chasing your dreams!

The company also has plans to license Yoiyu‘s When Pink Rain Falls 2 manga from publisher Star Fruit Books. The release date will be announced at a later date.

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting Volume 4 from Kaiten Books! will be coming to Azuki on June 17.

Azuki, created by KiraKira Media Inc., debuted on June 28, 2021, on iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Select chapters with advertisements are available to free users. Customers can also purchase a subscription for US$4.99 that allows them to read manga without advertising. Each chapter includes comment threads for registered user conversations.

Source: Azuki Press Release

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