Attack On Titan The Final Season Additional Music Recording Sessions Begins!

Hiroyuki Sawano, is once again fulfilling his role as the main music composer.

On Oct. 19, Kohta Yamamoto, the music co-composer for the TV anime based on Hajime Isayama’s masterpiece Attack on Titan: The Final Season updated his Twitter revealing that the additional music recordings for the show has already started.

Hiroyuki Sawano, the man behind the previous musical scores is once again fulfilling his role as the main music composer.

According to the photos and information provided in the tweet Yamamoto introduces us to the musicians behind the soundtracks.

  • Strings: Daisensei Muroya
  • Horn: Otohiko Fujita
  • Trumpet: Tsujimoto
  • Trombone: Koga
  • Tuba: Tsukita
  • Recording, mixing and mastering engineer: Mitsunori Aizawa

The 2nd part of Attack on Titan: The Final Season will premiere on January 9, 2022. The announcement comes with the first visual trailer on 13th October 2021 featuring the final battle of the titans.

The series will resume with Final Season Episode 76 “Condemnation”.

Prior to the beginning of Part 2, NHK will begin broadcasting Attack on Titan “Special Omnibus” on October 24th, which will summarize all of the previous 75 episodes.

Source: Anime Corner

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