‘Attack On Titan For Giants’ Breaks The Guinness World Record For Largest Comic Book Ever

On 24th May, 2021 Kodansha announced that the Titan-sized "Attack On Titan For Giants" was released as "the largest comic book published" by Guinness

On 24th May, 2021 Kodansha announced that the Titan-sized “Attack On Titan For Giants” was released as “the largest comic book published” by Guinness. On April 13th 2021, it was certified as the largest comic to break the Guiness World Record.

Kodansha Co., Ltd. Weekly Shonen Magazine
Kodansha Co., Ltd. Weekly Shonen Magazine editorial department “Attack on Titan” editor: Shintaro Kawakubo and Advertising Department Koshiro

The release of the Titan-sized “Attack on Titan” on March 6th, 2021 was a part of the celebration to commemorate the publication of the final chapter by the author Hajime Isayama. The comic book design is specifically for giants to read. It is 36 times that of a regular tankо̄bon. It stands at 96-pages and collects the first two chapters of Attack on Titan. As for the dimensions, the body of the book: length 1000 mm x width 704 mm, cover: length 1010 mm x width 715 mm and the estimated weight is approximately 13.7 kg.

Manga size comparison of Attack on Titan
Tankobon and giant manga comparison of “Attack on Titan

The certification process demanded that if 100 volumes of this giant manga sell, it will be certified as a Guinness World Record. But to no surprise, due to the popularity of the series, although the price was 165,000 yen (plus tax), it was sold out in about 2 minutes from the start of sales. And the official recording date came to be April 13th.

The previous record holder of the same category was the Brazilian comic Turma da Mônica by Mauricio de Sousa Produções and published by Panini Brasil. The book measures 6,976.02 cm² (7 ft² 73.28 in²). The record was official acknowledgment of the record was in August 2018.

Source: AnimeAnime.jp, Oricon

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