Anime Movies Airing in India

Hungama TV is going to air the two latest Pokemon movies on it’s channel in India. Both the movies will air this week on 26 January as listed in “What’s on India : TV Guide App”. 26 January is celebrated as the Republic Day in India. India got it’s constitution on this very day in 1950.

  • M3 main EN
  • M4 main JP

The schedule for the movies is as such :

TitleJapanese TitleTV ChannelTime
Pokemon Movie: Unown Ka TehelkaKesshou Tou no TeiouHungama TV4:30 p.m.
Pokemon: Khatre Ka JungleSerbii Toki O Koeta DeaiHungama TV8:00 p.m.

Source : “What’s on India : TV Guide App“.

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