Anime Frontier Convention In Texas Launches Attack On Titan Manga Gallery


The Anime Frontier convention, which will debut next month (December) in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas, has announced the regional debut of the Attack on Titan Manga Gallery, an exhibition that will commemorate the franchise’s success following the conclusion of the manga in April and ahead of the long-awaited premiere of the Final Season in January 2022.

The convention’s show director Peter Tatara and Kodansha USA Events Director Misaki Kido comments on the importance of the Gallery:

Attack on Titan is one of the biggest manga series of the 21st century, and its ending is a tremendous moment for Japanese popular culture overall. We’re honored and humbled to be able to share this moment with fans in North Texas, linking audiences in DFW with Japan for a remarkable celebration of Attack on Titan’s evolution, popularity, and legacy.

Anime Frontier Show Director Peter Tatara

We’re very excited to bring the Attack on Titan Manga Gallery to Texas, Rarely do fans in Texas get to take part in experiences like this, and it’s important for us to share this celebration with you, too. Texas is known for having a huge anime and manga community, and we want to recognize it by showcasing this testament to Attack on Titan’s meaning with fans around the world with fans at Anime Frontier.

Kodansha USA Events Director Misaki Kido

The gallery will also include a special fan aspect to recognize and thank the millions of fans who have made the series a success. The gallery developers are collecting special notes for the show by creating a #ThanksAttackonTitan Gallery Landing Page.

Fans can submit videos, photos, and posts using the hashtag #ThanksAttackonTitan on all prominent social media networks.

Anime Frontier 3-Day Tickets are currently available for $45 at AnimeFrontier.com.

Not too long ago, Anime NYC convention housed the Attack on Titan Manga Gallery, which was a huge success. We believe the Texas one will be the same.

Source: Crunchyroll

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