Animation Producer Is More Important Than Production Studios, Vinland Saga Director Says

WIT Studio handled the first season.

After the successful delivery of the TV anime Vinland Saga in 2019 based on Makoto Yukimura’s popular manga of the same name, Director Shuuhei Yabuta promised the Vikings will be back with season 2 very soon.

In a recent tweet on October 1st, Yubata posted a curious update on Twitter noting that the animation producer is more important than the studio in charge.

This is not an unknown fact that it is the job of an Animation Producer to keep the animators in check and it is one of the prominent roles in the production of an anime series.

The update is likely because the second season of Vinland Saga has suffered a change in the animation studio in charge. 

While WIT Studio handled the first season, it becomes a question mark if it will also handle the second.

The officials have kept the Viking anime fans pumped with continuous updates until the release of Vinland Saga season 2 as author Makoto Yukimura assured the fans in a recent tweet that “season 2 won’t skip any material from the manga.”

Source: Twitter