American Football Team Pays Tribute To Attack On Titan Anime


American football team Los Angeles Chargers recently played a game in which one of their player, Joey Bosa, did the Attack on Titan salute, in honour of the anime. Over on Twitter, the NFL teams official page posted a meme related to same. The “salute” comparison shows Bosa geared up for a game with a fist to his chest. The pose looks strikingly similar to that made by the soldiers in Attack on Titan. And is made into a meme by the teams’ Twitter account.

Both men have one fist on their chest with a serious look facing straight ahead. Their other arm is behind their back. It is difficult to miss the uncanny resemblance in their poses, and Attack on Titan fans are loving the reference.

Attack on Titan manga is ending next year. Its new season will kick off on 7th December, JST. And if we had to guess, we would say there are some players with the Chargers who are hyped for the fourth season.

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