Amazon Europe Halts The Purchase Of Books From Seven Seas Entertainment

Seven Seas Entertainment, a manga and light novel publisher in America, released a statement on their official Twitter account announcing that Amazon in Europe will no longer purchase books from them and other companies in their region.

Seven Seas

This was apparently an “environmental decision” from Amazon’s side.

Seven Seas also mentioned that their distributor is currently looking for a solution, and asked the readers to find another retailer for purchase at the moment.

Checkout their statement below:

To our overseas readers: we’ve been told that Amazon in Europe made an environmental decision not to purchase books from us (and other companies in our region) right now. Our distributor is looking for solutions, but at this moment, we suggest purchasing from another retailer.

Seven Seas Entertainment is an American publishing company located in Los Angeles, California. It was originally dedicated to the publication of original English-language manga, but now publishes licensed manga and light novels from Japan, as well as select webcomics. The company is headed by Jason DeAngelis, who coined the term “world manga” with the October 2004 launch of the company’s website.

Source: Twitter

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