AI Support Tool For Manga Creation ‘ComicCopilot’ Hits 25,000 Users

Shonen Jump+ editor-in-chief Yuta Momiyama revealed on May 29, 2023, that the new AI support tool that was launched to help with manga creation has been a huge success amongst budding mangaka and has received positive responses.

ComicCopilot‘ exceeded 25, 000 users in just 10 days of its launch.

According to Momiyama, the large number of users only reflects the significant demand for services targeting creators.

It’s remarkable that over 25,000 people have sought creative advice from ComicCopilot within just 10 days since its release. This high number demonstrates the strong demand for services targeting creators.

Comic Copilot

ComicCopilot  was developed in collaboration with the editorial department of Shueisha’s JUMP+ and Kensuu, the Representative Director of ‘alu’. alu deals with AI and NFT projects.

The AI tool comes with a variety of features such as helping come up with a theme, manga title, character name, dialogue suggestions, name for a special move, feedback on the idea, among others.

Through ComicCopilot, Shonen Jump hopes to help manga artists create new works one after another and make the manga industry even more exciting, and also to help expand human creativity using the cutting-edge technology.

ComicCopilot uses the knowledge and opinion of the Shonen Jump+ editors and use it to provide with the best service for the aspiring mangaka.

Source: Twitter