Agency of Cultural Affairs Selects AJA For ‘Anime no Tane’ Project

Anime no tane project aims to raise the skill level of existing animators, and educate aspiring animators.

The Association of Japanese Animations(AJA) announced on April 11, 2022, that the Agency of Cultural Affairs’ has selected them for the “Anime no Tane” Project For 2022.

Anime no Tane also known as “The Research and Study Project for Human Resource Development in Animation” aims to contribute to the improvement and development of the animation field in Japan by conducting practical surveys and research on how to develop excellent animators and production staff, who will be responsible for the future of Japanese animation culture.

The project also promotes the evaluation and dissemination of the results of such surveys and research. It will conduct three major programs such as:

1) Technology inheritance program through work production (* Approximately 7 to 10 minutes of video production)
2) Technology improvement education program for workers
3) Basic education program for animation industry applicants

As part of this, AJA will begin accepting application for recruitment of 4 contract production groups and training participants in May. More details about this will be revealed soon.

In addition, “Anime no Tane 2022” has decided to distribute the symposium of the project report held on March 12, 2022, for a limited time on the official website from March 30 to April 24.

The online distribution of the symposium will include presentations on the results and analysis of each of the three human resource development programs implemented this year, screenings of the four works produced in the Technology Transfer Program, and distribution of materials presented in each of the human resource development programs.

The Research and Study Project for Human Resource Development in Animationt is being implemented from 2020, following the “Young Animators Training Project,” which was in place until 2019. This year marks the third year of the project.

The difference between Young Animators Training Project and Anime no Tane is that the program targets not only young animators, but also a wider range of people, including mid-career staff and students aiming to enter the animation industry.

The works aim to raise the skill level of existing animators, and educate aspiring animators.

In January, Agency of Cultural Affairs unveiled the story introductions and visuals for the four anime projects “Tenjin” (IMAGICA DIGITAL SCAPE), “Rock’n Oyone” (Studio El), “Space Camper Chicchi” (Production +h), and “Kirakira Kirari☆” (Lesprit) screened in 2021.

Source: AJA website, Anime no Tane

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