After Sexy Tanaka San Debacle, Nippon TV Under Fire From ACMA:GAME’s Mangaka For Unapproved Script Changes In Drama Adaptation


Nippon TV had faced a lot of criticism for the way they had handled the live action adaptation of Sexy Tanaka-san, especially for neglecting the original author Hinako Ashihara in the production process.

Ashihara’s suicide should have been a big warning sign for Nippon to change the way they handled things internally. However, similar problems have surfaced again – this time related to the drama adaptation of ACMA:GAME.

The co-creator of ACMA:GAME recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the live-action drama adaptation produced by Nippon Television, due to unapproved script changes.

Following the broadcast of episode 7 on May 19, 2024, Meeb took to his X account to voice his concern, highlighting numerous inconsistencies and unexplained elements that deviated from his original work.

Meeb’s criticism centered on what appears to be a significant departure from the established story in the manga. He questioned the purpose of the central tournament, the motivations of the characters, and even the basic rules of the game itself.

The episode, moreover, recorded the show’s lowest ratings to date.

Hmm… there are just too many unclear and ambiguous elements, and I couldn’t enjoy episode 7… What is the purpose of this tournament? What happens if you win? What happens if you lose? Because these points aren’t clear, I don’t know how to feel about watching the matches. Even though it’s life-or-death, everyone who lost in the first round is acting like it’s no big deal. What is everyone thinking?

Meeb also highlighted inconsistencies with the established lore of the manga. He pointed out how characters inexplicably gain abilities they shouldn’t possess and how crucial plot points were left unexplained.

This time, they didn’t even say what was at stake in the game… I was watching in a state of ‘huh?’ because I didn’t know what would happen whether they won or lost… Date and Saito just met and have no trust between them, yet it’s supposed to be a team battle where Date has to give up his life to help Saito. That’s strange. Also, why could Date use the devil’s power? He lost the devil’s key to Saito in the first round, right? In the drama version, wasn’t the ability supposed to be granted when you use the devil’s key yourself?

The mangaka expressed his disappointment with how the adaptation had introduced contradictions, stating, “I don’t mind changing the manga’s setting, but I feel like it’s causing contradictions, and those contradictions are even making it impossible to understand the characters’ feelings“.

Meeb’s posts have raised questions about Nippon TV’s production process and their apparent lack of consultation with the original author.

Fans have voiced concerns online questioning the network’s lack of communication with the original creators.

In response to Sexy Tanaka-san Debacle, Nippon TV had established a special internal investigation team independent of the drama production department in February, pledging to create a system where all original authors, scriptwriters, and producers can feel more secure in their work.

Despite these assurances, Maebu’s recent experience suggests that these measures have yet to be fully implemented.

Source: X

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