A Comprehensive Analysis of Izuku Midoriya’s Dream

From its endearing characters to heart-throbbing action, My Hero Academia has established itself as a better shonen out there. The last season tackled the show’s most mature themes and arguably the goriest fights as of now. And while it ended on a very strong note, it’s easy to overlook some fine details. The cliffhanger at the end which Bones awarded the viewers was nothing short of mesmerizing.

After the credits, a short sequence of Deku being in a dream and seeing the previous One For All [OFA] users appears. We can only see half of his face and his right fist. As he stands beside the other users, he watches a helpless man getting shunned by someone. In the next moment, a hand approaches him and says ‘So you are the ninth user’. The beautiful music and the immaculate voice acting reverberated with every frame of that scene to end the fourth season on a strong note.

But what exactly was that dream? In this post, I will give you a cohesive analysis regarding Deku’s dream.

The Vision at the Sports Festival:

During Deku’s fight with Shinsou, he experienced a sketchy vision. He saw all the OFA users in the distance and in the next moment, the power activated in two of his fingers. It led to break the trance of Shinsou’s brainwashing quirk and then Deku defeated him.

Midoriya He Stopped

Also, at that time Midoriya was unable to control One For All, he barely managed to use 5% without getting severely hurt. And that’s the reason he only saw the shadows of the previous users. It also explains why OFA was only able to control 2 of his fingers.

The First One for All User:

The previous vision was pretty lacklustre due to Midoriya being able to only control 5% of OFA. But by the end of ‘Pro Hero Arc’, he can regulate 20% of the power. In the dream, he sees eight OFA users, out of which only six of them are clearly visible. This is most probably because Midoriya is only able to use one-fifth of the power. While he is there, in a state of trance, he witnesses a recreation of someone’s past. And in there, he sees All for One.

First User OG

In that recreation, Deku sees a younger and radical version of All For One [AFO]. He was belittling his younger brother on not siding with him with his conquest of selfish desires. The desires which inclined towards chaos and destruction of humanity. Later on, he is shown how AFO was able to unify people and aligned their interest to serve him. The aftermath of that was disastrous and his followers were now killing others who opposed their leader.

Afterwards, AFO gave his younger brother a superpower, forcibly. That moment marked the inception of One for All.

A Short Conversation:

Deku was still confused with the vision he saw and then all of a sudden, everything was dusted into a huge chunk of smoke. From that smoke, a frail body speaks ‘So you are the ninth’. The man was none other than the original One For All user and was directly speaking to him. He said that he wanted to show a little more but due to Deku only being able to control 20% of the power, it wasn’t possible. Then he reached out to Midoriya’s materialized hand to wake him up.

So you are the ninth 2

And in the next moment, he’s awake and his interaction with the original user caused an air blast around him which shattered his room. In a way, it also solidified the fact that Midoriya wasn’t just dreaming but it was actually a vision caused by OFA. When he woke up, he was sweating hard and seemed to be out of breath. This reaction seemed plausible because he was using 20% of OFA this whole time which was enough to put that much strain on his body.

Understanding the meaning of Surpassing Singularity:

20 and Singularity 2

Before departing, the first OFA user also stated that they have already passed the point of singularity. From this, we can ascertain that he was talking about OFA only. But what does this singularity actually means?

The answer has already been told to us.

As the quirks of a previous generation are inherited by their offspring, each new generation becomes more potent with time. The quirks mix together and their powers also deepen with time. And as time passes by, the powers become more unstable and one day will become completely uncontrollable. So, what does it mean for the likes of One for All and All for One?

We will get to know, in time.

Still, there are a few questions which go unanswered. Like why the only one who was able to talk with Deku was the original user, what exactly singularity means for OFA. There’s no need to theorize any of this right now. Because I do think it all will be revealed at the right time. And till then, we all just need to wait.

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