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Makoto Shinkai Is Ready With His Upcoming Feature Film Storyboards

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Makoto Shinkai, the internationally acclaimed director of blockbuster movies Your Name and Weathering With You, recently posted a tweet on Wednesday regarding the progress he has been making on his next feature film.

He revealed that he has completed the storyboards for his next feature film and that it is currently in the review process.

According to the tweet,

Current situation update! I drew the storyboards of the new movie while crying every day (with a degree of pain), and finally I asked various people to see the completed one. I received a lot of opinions, and even now I am crying every day (with a feeling of struggle) to correct them. Storyboarding work is really difficult for me. But I want to make a movie that audience can enjoy.

In December 2020, Makoto Shinkai had already commented that he began writing the project script when the Japanese government declared the first state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with Crunchyroll, the 47-year-old director had said that he would try to look for a different theme for his new movie.

According to the director, the theme of his next feature film will be ” what happens after the end “, in other words, a post-apocalyptic era.

He told ANN, “It’s a story where something major happens that one’s own power can’t do anything to affect. By making this film, I want a part of people to think, ‘We’ll somehow manage to get by, won’t we?'”

He hinted at his early progress of the new movie in a tweet back in May 2020 and another in March that year conveying the struggles of coming up with a screenplay for his new film.

Makoto Shinkai films usually have a gap of two to three years between them. Keeping that as a norm, we can expect the next movie to come out sometime around 2022.

Source: Twitter

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