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Boy Uses Anime Knowledge To Prevent Spread Of Fire

boy stops fire

On the 29th, the Kagoshima City Central Fire Department presented a letter of appreciation to Mr. Sakuramasa Kawazu (18) in Uehonmachi, Kagoshima City, acknowledging him to be the first to discover a fire and contributed significantly to the prevention of its spread.

The fire broke out in a two-story wooden house in Uehonmachi around 11:50 pm on August 15.

On the way to the convenience store, Mr. Kawazu, who is in the neighborhood, noticed the flame from the entrance and called 119.

He ringed the doorbell of the house and knocked on the door to inform a woman in her 70s who lived alone there. She was about to go to bed before extinguishing the fire.

During the questioning, Kawazu said, “I watched an anime program in which firefighters were actively doing their job, so I was able to calmly deal with it.”

The presentation ceremony was held at the Central Fire Department and Chief Kanji Yoshihara recognized the efforts of the 18-year-old.

He said, “He was able to get rid of the fire by making accurate reports and calm actions. I am grateful for what he was readily able to do.”

Source: Yahoo News

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