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Toei Disbands Coyote Anime Studio

coyote inc.

Coyote, an original planning and production company, announced at the ordinary general meeting of shareholders on June 18 that Toei and Toei Animation Music Publishing have decided to disband it.

Coyote was established in August 2017 between Toei, Toei Animation Music Publishing, and DLE Inc. as a joint venture to plan and produce original anime for Japan and other Asian markets. Toei originally had a 34% investment in the company, and both Toei Animation Music Publishing and DLE had 33% investments in the venture.

Since DLE transferred its shareholding in April 2019, it has been under the umbrella of Toei Animation Music Publishing and Toei.

The headquarters of the company was in the Kōjimachi neighborhood in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Initially, the president of the company was a veteran producer and Toei Animation Music Publishing president Kozo Morishita. The CEO of the company was Toei’s Fumio Yoshimura. The CFO was Toei Animation’s Kōsaku Shimatani, and the COO was DLE’s, Takurō Harada.

Anime studio Coyote’s best work produced the Shimajirō to Sora Tobu Fune anime film, which opened in theaters in Japan on March 12. As original content, they worked on the stop motion animation “Lysa 200zu” series which screened at the “Toei Manga Festival”.

Source: Coyote’s website via ANN

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