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Sui Ishida’s Choujin X Chapter 2 Almost Finished!

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On 9th June, Tuesday the most anticipated manga Choujin X mangaka Sui Ishida put an update on his Twitter account that Chapter 2 of the series is almost done.

In reply to Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Shonen Jump +” ‘s tweets which mention Choujin X to be among the top 10 works of May, Ishida tweeted he is almost finished with the drawings for the new chapter. The upcoming chapter will release very soon.

Based on the information provided by Reddit user u/Nietzsche_esque, in Ishida’s YouTube live stream he mentioned that the upcoming chapter will have 80 pages. While he finished the first 30 pages, the remaining pages will be complete after adding background, screentones and shading.

User u/Nietzsche_esque also shared some snippets from the mangaka’s live stream.

Sui Ishida Choujin X Youtube Live stream snippets
Youtube Live stream snippets

Just like any other Sui Ishida work, this chapter will also have tons of spreads. He is currently working on the last 10 pages. Considering the pace of his work, the Choujin X chapter 2 will drop in about 2-3 weeks.

As mentioned before by the author, the series does not have a fixed release schedule, with the chapters set to come out when he finishes them. It seems that readers will have to wait for long for new chapters to drop as he takes things at his own pace.

Sui Ishida’s brand new manga Choujin X began serialising in Tonari no Young Jump web service (comes under the Shueisha family) and also on Manga Plus and Shonen Jump (Viz Media) apps on May 10, 2021. Choujin X, which translates into Superhuman X, revolves around people who have superhuman powers.

The series is based in an alternate reality where creatures called Ghouls live amongst humans. They look and act like humans except they feed on humans. The story revolves around a young boy Ken Kaneki who accidentally ends up becoming a half-ghoul. The story focuses on Kens’ struggle to accept his new identity as a ghoul and feeding on humans. The series received critical acclamation, globally.

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Source: Reddit

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