Unravelling Why Did Sasuke and Naruto Lose to Jigen?

Naruto and Sasuke witnessed one of their toughest losses against Jigen. While everybody including the two expected Jigen to be strong, the whole fandom was shocked by the ending of the fight. Even though you know that the two lost to Jigen, you must wonder, why did Naruto and Sasuke lose to Jigen with such a big gap? Is it just because of power? Well, keep reading to find out!

So, Why did Sasuke and Naruto lose to Jigen? 

Naruto and Sasuke are the strongest shinobis in history, there’s no way that they would lose a battle one-dimensionally. Both, the duo and Jigen had their share of advantages and disadvantages, so let’s understand them in detail!


1) Two-on-One: 

The very first advantage is as simple as it gets, strength in numbers. Jigen has to face two people who have a very strong bond and are highly compatible with each other; making it tough for Jigen to find openings. We witnessed Naruto and Sasuke jumping in to protect each other’s backs from time to time while attacking together. This becomes stronger due to their other advantages explained below!

Jigen fighting against Naruto and Sasuke
2) Unpredictability:

Jigen was unaware of Naruto and Sasuke’s abilities. While he does know that Naruto is the Nine Tails’ Jinchuriki and Sasuke is an Uchiha; he doesn’t have any concrete info about their abilities. This helped the two quite a bit, as they could match their timings to use powerful abilities like Amenotejikara to its full potential!

Sasuke and Naruto vs Jigen
3) Open Dimension:

This is huge for the duo since they’d have to hold back significantly if they were to fight Jigen inside Konoha. Even the use of their strong Taijutsu moves to spar against Jigen could destroy the village! Hence, it’s advantageous for the two to be in a different dimension where they can go all out without having to worry about civilians! Moreover, they don’t have to worry about Jigen running away with Kawaki!

4) Jigen’s Limit:

Even though Naruto and Sasuke didn’t know about this advantage, it still is valuable. Jigen cannot use Isshiki’s powers to its full extent as the use of Karma’s abilities comes with a huge consequence. Hence, it was a possibility that if Naruto and Sasuke could hold Jigen out for longer, then the vessel would end up breaking eventually.

Now, let’s take a look at the disadvantages!


You will find similarities in the duo’s advantages and disadvantages, i.e. something that helps them also helps Jigen in a way. To understand this statement, read the disadvantages below!

1) Zero Information: 

Naruto and Sasuke had zero information about Jigen. In fact, Naruto wasn’t even sure if Jigen was an Otsutsuki or not! While Jigen didn’t know much about Naruto, he knew about Sasuke’s Rinnegan at the very least. Whereas, Naruto and Sasuke didn’t know anything about Jigen! This puts them at a direct disadvantage since they won’t even know what will hit them next!

Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke
2) Power levels:

Jigen is stronger than Naruto and Sasuke in terms of power. Isshiki, the parasite in Jigen, has godly abilities and chakra reserves. Even Jigen, an incompatible vessel, could access a big chunk of his powers for enough time to fight highly skilled opponents.

3) No Interference: 

While Naruto and Sasuke could go all out in Jigen’s dimension, the Otsutsuki wouldn’t have to worry about interference from other shinobis as well. While none of them could defeat him; shinobis like Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Kakashi and Boruto could cause major problems and create multiple openings! 

The Konoha shinobis could pressure Jigen into absorbing multiple attacks, slowing him down to create an opening. They could also restrict his movements with seals and summonings!

While Naruto and Sasuke seem to have more advantages on paper, they, unfortunately, cannot outweigh the disadvantages. 

Jigen’s signature ability to shrink is tough to understand in itself, and the two didn’t even know about it. It took them a while to figure it out to an extent, but the damage had been dealt to the two by that time. Moreover, Jigen’s power level is way too high, as he can defeat Naruto and Sasuke both in Taijutsu and Ninjutsu.

It had become rare for the two to have their backs pinned against the wall since the time they defeated Kaguya; as their combined strength was too much for any opponent to handle. Due to this, they made a few grave mistakes when they were in a pinch. Seeing that Jigen was going all out, they decided to go all out as well. While they were using their strongest powers i.e. Kyuubi mode and Susanoo; making themselves a huge, slow target is the last thing they’d want. He can shrink and dodge attacks, sneak attack and much more. 

Jigen vs Naruto and Sasuke

However, you can’t really blame them either, since Jigen shouldn’t be able to break through Susanoo using his base strength but the Karma seal changed everything. 

Another huge problem caused by Jigen’s overwhelming strength was time. Sasuke was certain that he could find a way to defeat Jigen. He even devised a plan on the fly where they forced the Otsutsuki to shrink and absorb Naruto’s attacks; hence revealing his position for Sasuke to attack. However, Jigen used Space-Time Ninjutsu to evade them. He also understood that he can’t fool around these two people since they can form counters in an instant and execute them flawlessly. So, he used all of his powers to put an end to the fight in a dominant fashion and sealed Naruto

Final Thoughts:

While Naruto and Sasuke seemed to have been manhandled by Jigen as we’ve never seen before, Jigen was at his limit too. The vessel almost broke and he was out of chakra after the fight! 

The outcome of this battle could’ve been different if it was postponed for another day; i.e. if Naruto and Sasuke had survived this battle and made it back to Konoha together, then Jigen would most probably lose the next time they crossed paths.
However that would’ve been the best-case scenario, but Naruto and Sasuke still had a shot against Jigen during their first battle. 

I think that the two could have managed to hold off Jigen long enough for him to run out of chakra; as Jigen could barely move after the fight and his chakra level almost dropped to zero. This would’ve been possible if the two didn’t switch to using their big guns, i.e. Susanoo and Kyuubi mode. I say so because they expend massive amounts of chakra and were useless against Jigen. Sasuke had barely enough chakra to use the Space-Time Ninjutsu once again, whereas Naruto was close to passing out. Again, one might say/think that this is due to a lack of information about Jigen, which is true. They never expected Jigen’s powers to gain such a massive boost, and there is no guarantee that they would’ve been able to hold him back using Shadow Clones and previously used tricks. 

To sum all of this up, I would say that there is only one thing which would’ve helped them leave the dimension as the victor; plot armour! With that said, they were still far from being stuck in the worst-case scenario. Yes, even with Naruto sealed and Sasuke gravely injured, Naruto was able to escape Jigen sealing. To know more about it, read our article here! 

So, what do you think? Do you have any more reasons as to why Naruto and Sasuke lose to Jigen? Could Naruto and Sasuke do something else to win against Jigen? Let us know in the comments below! 

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