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‘One Piece Novel Heroines’ Series Releases In Japan

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Based on Eiichiro Oda’s “ONE PIECE” characters, written by Jun Esaka and illustrated by Sayaka Suwa, the novelized book “ONE PIECE novel HEROINES” was released on June 4th. One Piece novel Heroines has a column in the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth volumes of the One Piece Magazine. It focuses on the female protagonists of One Piece.

One piece heroines

Shueisha’s Jump j Books published the first volume of the new short novel series that is based on the personalities of the female main characters. The first volume comprises 4 chapters. It includes episodes that are not available in the main story, such as Nami appearing in a fashion show, Robin helping to decipher a stone tablet with Koala and Sabo, Vivi being the subject of rumors about love letters and Perona competing with Mihawk for wine.

Currently, there are four stories available:

episode: NAMI
Nami is dissatisfied with the poorly made high heels she purchased. When she goes to return them, the designer, Rublo, asks her to participate in his show. Shoemaker Miuccia impresses Nami by his work, while Rublo is haughty, and plans to do ‘something’ at the show.

episode: ROBIN
Robin helps Koala decipher the stone tablet in the Revolutionary Army. As she analyzes the location of the excavation and the shape of the letters, she discovers some exciting information.

episode: VIVI
Fatah, a boy living in Alabaster, is in the middle of a romantic consultation with Cosa. He writes a love letter to princess Vivi, but the wind blows it away! The whole town is in an uproar over whose love letter it is, but what do Koza and Vivi do?

episode: PERONA
A bottle of wine washes up on the shore of the castle of Shikkearu. The wine is so delicious that Perona keeps it for herself, but Mihawk confiscates it. She and Zoro, determined to overthrow Mihawk, challenge him in battle…

A promotional slip for the first volume included a comment from Eiichiro Oda: “Please enjoy the little ONE PIECE that exists in the margins of the great adventure.”

Source: Natalie Comic

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