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Is Dragon Ball Super Returning With Season 2?

Recently, we’ve got a pretty major update regarding the franchise and it could be linked to the return of the Dragon Ball Super Anime! Yes, you heard me right! So is Dragon Ball Super Returning With Season 2?? The answer most probably is YES!

Ever since the finale of Dragon Ball Super Anime in March 2018, the Anime has been under hiatus. Fans have been waiting for 3 whole years, glued to social media for news and updates for the return of their beloved series. The anticipation for the return of the Anime is so huge that in Jan 2021, someone released a fake trailer that looked so real (animation-wise) that fans started to believe it was legit. Dragon Ball Super started trending that day on Twitter just because of a high-quality fan trailer. That’s how much the world is eagerly waiting for the return of the Dragon Ball Super Anime.

On May 3rd, Shueisha released a teaser trailer on the Dragon Ball Official Website.

The New Trailer of the Dragon Ball Official Website excites fans

Dragon Ball Official Website teaser (Watch from 2:20 minutes for the teaser)

For those who don’t know, on March 6th, 2021, Twitter Account DBSChronicles tweeted an official announcement of the launch of a Dragon Ball Official website.

Dragon Ball Official website coming soon!

According to the newly released teaser, the new site will be a revamp to the dragon balls news website. The upcoming site will have articles, videos, posters and the latest information on Dragon Ball. In the image below, we can see that there will be columns for Manga, Anime, Video Games, Merchandise and Events.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, will instruct and supervise the design and content of the website. What’s more is that, the site will deliver new information to all Dragon Ball Fans all around the world in 5 languages, including English and Japanese!

Normally, fans rely on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for any news or updates regarding Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super. They have scattered information all around in different places which makes it difficult for fans to access. This website is a game-changer as all information regarding everything Dragon Ball (the columns mentioned above) will be under one roof. Also, it’ll be easier to differentiate between fake news and official news.

The website is a huge platform in terms of its global reach. They’re clearly trying to make Dragon Ball a global icon that will inspire people all over the world to get to know about Goku and the gang. Of course, most people around the world have already heard about names like Goku and Vegeta. Launching this website will push boundaries even further and surpass limits.

Since this announcement, fans have started speculating whether the popular Anime series will make its grand comeback.

Will Dragon Ball Super Season 2 come soon?

There’s a strong possibility that Toei Animation and Shueisha may announce the release of the next season of Dragon Ball Super in the next couple of months!

At the beginning of this year, Fuji TV started recasting the original Dragon Ball Super Anime. Also, the Anime became available to Amazon Prime watchers in the US in recent times. All this news and along with the new website set to launch, something big might be coming up which will make fans jump for joy.

In the Manga, the Moro arc has finished and is now in the midst of the Granolah the Survivor arc. Fans are expecting quite a lot from this arc (for articles and exciting theories related to the Granolah arc, click here!).

So far, there are a total of 71 chapters released. And, there are about 30 chapters of 45 pages each with new content (since the Tournament of Power). Approximately, the first 42 chapters equal 5 seasons of 131 episodes. For the 30 new chapters, there could be around 3 and a half seasons or 93 episodes (including fillers). This is of course assuming the schedule remains the same as Dragon Ball Super when it aired in 2015.

Theoretically, there is a decent amount of content to kick start the Anime. But it all depends on Toei’s, Shueisha’s and Toyotaro’s schedules. Now that they have officially announced a new Dragon Ball Super Movie, fans are more eager than ever for the announcement for the return of Dragon Ball Super Anime. Well, nothing major has come up so far. But recently, an animator at Toei Animation Philippines made a very queer statement when asked about the future of the Dragon Ball Franchise:

Q: What hopes and expectations do you have for the future of the Dragon Ball franchise?

A: As a fan, I’m really looking forward to new movies and merchandise. I’m also excited about the new anime that will continue Dragon Ball Super.

Florence Jay Dominguito (Toei Animation Philippines), Dragon Ball Staff interview series

Now wait wait. Don’t start jumping for joy yet. According to several Twitter Accounts, they say that in the Japanese version of the interview, it says “I’m looking forward to watching a new TV Anime that might/may come to continue Dragon Ball Super”. There might be a mistranslation of the interview into English but no doubt, this further raises the hopes of the Anime returning soon. We may receive a teaser or a PV even before the movie comes out.

But watch out! Once the official announcement comes, the Internet will explode with fans all over the world tweeting about it. It’d probably be the most-watched series when it comes. Watch parties all around the world would take place to witness Goku and the gang carry on with their legacies. Let the Supremacy of Dragon Ball be known to all! Bwahahaha!

When do you think Dragon Ball Super Anime will return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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