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Is Granolah Stronger Than Goku Or Vegeta In DBS?

Now that we’re done with Chapter 73, it’s safe to say that none of us expected… that. Goku and Vegeta are in a tight situation in the battle against Granolah while the Heeters await the fight’s conclusion. With many twists and turn arounds (maybe some asspulls along the way too), the fight is going into unchartered territories. How will the culmination of the brawl take place? And what do the Heeters intend to do? These are prime questions that need answers.

Chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super gave quite a build-up to the fated battle between Granolah and the Saiyans. Fans are very excited about how the Granolah arc is unfolding. It’s pretty damn interesting. Granolah’s past in connection with the Saiyans and Frieza, The Heeters’ and their plan, Goku and Vegeta perfecting their respective Godly techniques. And of course, the wish with Toronbo, the Cerealian Dragon.

In this article, I’ll explain how Granolah’s wish could be his own undoing and later address the elephant in the room – whether Granolah is stronger than Goku or Vegeta. So buckle up, muster those carrots and Granola bars & let’s get right to it!

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73. Read ahead at your own discretion!

What Is The Catch Behind Granolah’s Wish?

In another article, I did rant on how Granolah becoming the strongest warrior right now doesn’t make sense. But to my pleasant surprise, it did have a catch, in the form of reducing his lifespan.

The Cerealian Dragon said it can increase Granolah’s strength by condensing all the power he could have gained in his lifetime hereon. How the Dragon knew the quantum of power Granolah would gain in the future is anyone’s guess. But it seems Granolah’s latent power is so huge that unlocking and condensing it made him the strongest warrior in the Universe.

It makes sense, given how effortlessly he was able to defeat the OG Androids which, according to Goichi’s men, have equivalent capabilities as OG73i. Goichi’s men copied the data of Seven-Three into all the other OG Androids.

When Toronbo granted his wish, he has become the strongest FOR NOW. This could change in the future as pointed out by Monaito. 

Is this foreshadowing that Goku, Vegeta, or Broly will become stronger than Granolah?

Granolah let his power get inside his head. This could be his downfall
Chapter 70 – Monaito warns Granolah

To recollect, Goku remaining in the Ultra Instinct state even in his base form is still a W.I.P and Vegeta has improved quite a bit in using Hakai. From destroying a small speck of stone to a massive log, Beerus respects his progress (even if he smacks him on the head lmao). So much so that he even gave Vegeta an earring, which is a symbol of those who can use Destruction. Could this mean Vegeta might become a future God of Destruction?

Now let’s start with Goku Vs Granolah and analyze how that turned out.

Is Granolah Stronger Than Goku?

In my opinion, Granolah is stronger than Goku in all of his forms at the current moment. Yes, even Perfected Ultra Instinct. Now, I know some of you will disagree, especially the latter part, but bear with me.

When Granolah asked to become the strongest Mortal around, Toronbo seemed to have made sure he won’t be surpassed anytime soon. The Cerealian Dragon gifted Granolah with such OP combat abilities and techniques that they’re absolutely fantastic! And his knowledge of martial arts is impeccable. He knew about Goku’s Ultra Instinct by just observing his movements. Now let’s break down the fight and analyze some key aspects.

The mystery behind Granolah’s techniques

In another article, I ran through the idea of whether Granolah has techniques like Ultra Instinct and Hakai. In Chapter 72, Goku asked whether Granolah can use his and Vegeta’s techniques. Not only can he brandish similar moves but use them better than the original users!

These include Hakai, the Yadrat’s teleportation technique, Moro’s energy absorption and MUI Goku’s cloning ability. He could have more for all we know! There are two possible ways the Cerealian could have gotten those powers:

  • Toronbo took the important techniques equipped by the strongest Mortals alive (including Goku, Vegeta, Broly, Seven-Three), made them stronger and gave them to the Cerealian. Since the Dragon took 147 years of his life, he’d given him a body that was suitable to wield those moves properly (hence the long hair).

Granolah’s speed might be greater than MUI Goku’s

In this battle, Goku combined the principles of Ultra Instinct and used it on his base form, Super Saiyan God and Blue. We thought this could be tough for Granolah to beat however; he outpaced Goku in all these forms.

Even after using base form + UI and SSG + UI, Goku was knocked out twice! He couldn’t track Granolah’s movements (or maybe Granolah was switching back and forth between his real and illusory forms?), thereby getting hit on his vital points.

While it’s true illusory Granolah was no match for MUI Goku, can we say the same for the real Granolah? He was able to get off his ship, zip towards Goku and strike at his vital area, circumventing his sturdy body (which was capable of casually breaking Moro’s hand). All of this happened before MUI Goku’s body could react. This was very similar to Merus going behind Goku and zapping him with a stun gun.

Regarding MUI Goku’s reduction in speed and accuracy, there might be something more than just “stamina” issues. I could think of two possibilities:

  • What if Granolah is slowly absorbing Goku’s energy without him knowing about it? Granolah has similar techniques to Moro. If he can you planet energy absorption for direct attacks then he probably can utilize it for individuals. So with every punch, kick and tap on Goku’s body, he could be silently absorbing his energy and sending it to his real self, but not too much for Goku to notice. But just the right amount to slow him down, see his vital points and strike.
  • Goku could be facing the long-term effects of pressure point hits. In pressure point fighting, a powerful attack on vital points can lead to physiological symptoms like Motor dysfunction and reflex response. UI’s speed depends on the reflexive response of the body. If that is affected, then the body movements can slow down.
    • According to traditional Yoga and Ancient Martial arts, there are 108 Marmas or Vital junction points. Out of which Granolah has struck Goku on 3 locations – Nabhi (seat of all vein transfer points), Stanmula (Kapha, pitta, blood circulation) and Amsa (affects the brain). All these parts are vital to ensure proper body movements and control. If one of them is disturbed, it could affect its reflexive speed. This is what exactly happened to Goku.

Yes, you could argue that a fresh MUI Goku could beat Granolah. We’re yet to see Granolah’s full power. So let’s see how it unravels. However, I’m going to stick to my hunch for now.

Granolah’s sniping abilities are off the charts

The Cerealians are known for their evolved right eyes, capable of seeing things no Mortal could. And amongst them, Granolah’s right eye is a cut above the rest according to Oatmeel. His right eye aids him in observing the target’s blood flow and muscle movements. This enables him to pinpoint the target’s vital points. Also, Granolah’s eye could detect the hidden power Goku is concealing within.

As an expert sniper, he’s able to conceal or suppress his Ki which not even the Saiyan duo could perceive. With his speed and sniping abilities, Granolah’s able to locate and strike Goku’s vital areas.

For more information on Goku Vs Granolah, check out my review articles for Chapter 72 and Chapter 73.

Is Granolah stronger than Vegeta?

“Vegeta is going to get his ass whooped”
“Granolah is gonna job his overconfident smug face”
“Granolah beats Vegeta, Goku recovers, gets a power boost and steals the victory. Same old formulaic bullshit”

These are the usual responses to the upcoming battle between Vegeta and Granolah. And I don’t blame them. The authors haven’t made Vegeta defeat a main villain even once. And with an OP fighter like Granolah? Who KO’ed MUI Goku? Bruh, why do we even bother to have hope?

Yes, I agree Granolah may be stronger than Vegeta. But (here we go again) what if I told you things might be different this time? Keep in mind that there are parallels between Vegeta and Granolah. So it’s not the same as before. Now hold on to your sticks and let me elaborate. I promise it’d be worth reading (Please don’t hit me with those sticks).

Why Vegeta won’t get clapped by Granolah in Chapter 74

Vegeta’s smile seems out of place. It’s intriguing. Normally, when Goku gets severely wounded or knocked out, he’d panic or at least act surprised. In recent times, he yells out his name in shock.

Vegeta being concerned for Goku's when the latter gets overpowered
Chapter 72 (Top) and Chapter 42 (Bottom) – Vegeta concerned when Goku’s overpowered

Vegeta knows how strong Mastered Ultra Instinct is. It is definitely beyond Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue Evolved + Forced Spirit Fission. Towards the end of the Moro arc, he doesn’t know of a way to beat the goat-like villain without Kakarrot’s help. That’s why he panicked when Goku reverted to base form from MUI.

Vegeta panics when Goku reverts back to base form from MUI
Chapter 66 – Vegeta starts sweating when Goku powered down with no idea what to do next

However, even after witnessing Granolah’s cloning ability, Vegeta is impressed when the former claps MUI Goku with a single blow. The Prince of all Saiyans seems too confident. He definitely has a plan up his sleeve. A strategy that would make him win even with the power gap between them.

A contrasting scenario

He seems to be too cocky if you ask me. The usual maneuver of underestimating his opponent. It’s a prolonged habit of Vegeta.” No, not this time. Vegeta is very intelligent here. He figured out who Granolah was and realized the Heeters were deceiving them. The whole “Detective Vegeta” thing summarizes this aspect.

If you think carefully, you’d realize his usual cockiness would cost both his and Goku’s lives. This is a very different setting than the Resurrection F and Moro arcs. The Saiyans are in an unknown world, far away from the others. Vegeta brought two Senzu beans and one is consumed already. He might use the other to fix up Goku I guess. There’s no Dende or Esca to heal them up this time.

The preview for Chapter 74 is “Kill or be killed”. This means that if Vegeta lost, it’s literally all over. There’s no Beerus or Whis to give them advice. Krillin is not here with a big bag of Senzu. They don’t have Gohan or Piccolo to back them up. Nope, there’s no one. Vegeta is alone, standing in a strange world, brought in by strange people and going up against a strange fighter.

The Return of Savage Vegeta

The Prince’s strategy is – to use the same tactic Beerus played on him in Chapter 69. Beerus rattled him up, making him lose his composure and closing in without thinking. To accomplish this, The Strongest God of Destruction manipulated Vegeta’s emotions by claiming he (Beerus) was the main culprit in the annihilation of the Saiyan race. And he apparently has no hesitation to destroy the survivors. This is the same approach Vegeta is using against Granolah.

For the G.O.Ds, it’s not about what is right or wrong but simply letting ‘destruction’ absorb their minds. In fact, this concept was explored by Majin Vegeta way back in DBZ. He wanted Babidi to awaken the evil in his heart, bringing forth his destructive, monstrous nature. This would multiply his latent power by orders of magnitude, unlike in his soft state. Would this bring forth the return of Majin Vegeta? Not exactly. He won’t become that corrupt to kill some innocent folks.

But it’s pretty clear Vegeta has to bring his no-nonsense merciless character to embrace destruction. He may have “recreated his persona from scratch” and “removed any stray thoughts” to absorb the mentality of a G.O.D. Granolah may be stronger than Vegeta and Goku at the moment. But battles aren’t always won by the mightiest (Vegeta got to know that the hard way).

Vegeta Vs Granolah – Battle of Brains

Vegeta taunting Granolah could make him lose his focus and his sense of self. This would make Granolah a victim of his anger even further, which will prove costly in this fight. Trapped within the depths of his past and his expanding rage, what if he loses sight of Vegeta’s vital areas? What if his rage blinds him to see things clearly? It is certainly a possibility. And unlike Goku, if Vegeta gets an opening, he’d not let go of the opportunity.

The shine on his earring shows that he’s embodied the mentality of a Destroyer God. And his Hakai and Forced Spirit Fission will definitely be crucial in this matchup. Rejoice Vegeta fans, this could be the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The rise of Vegeta, King of Savagery! Destroyer amongst destroyers! Men amongst men! Okay, I’ll stop simping now.

Vegeta is behaving similar to Beerus
Like teacher, like student. The shine on Vegeta’s earring foreshadows something spectacular
Editing Credits: baka_amv_cuts

If Vegeta is smart enough (If the writers are merciful enough), he’d target Granolah’s eye and try to destroy it using Hakai or something. The eye is one of Granolah’s greatest weapons. If that is taken out, Vegeta would have more chances to strike a lethal blow. He’d not kill him of course, but enough to start knocking some sense in him by telling “we’re not your real enemies, the Heeters are!”

Vegeta Vs Granolah will certainly be a doozy. I seriously hope Toriyama and Toyotarou would give our boy his big break. I don’t want another “Vegeta’s ascension to his unavoidable fall from grace” kinda scenario.


As Monaito said, Granolah may be the strongest NOW. But who knows what tomorrow will bring? Likewise, Granolah being stronger than Goku and Vegeta as of this moment could change in the future. The Cerealian is at his peak and perhaps has no room for further growth. On the contrary, Goku and Vegeta have so much to learn from their teachers, which would make them stronger and stronger, inevitably surpassing Granolah. This is why Whis tells them this important statement:

Whis advices to keep Goku's and Vegeta's rivals as themselves from yesterday
Chapter 71 – Goku’s and Vegeta’s rivals are not each other but themselves from yesterday

Even if the Saiyan Duo overpowers Granolah, the matter doesn’t end there. The Heeters’ are being built up as the main antagonists of this arc and they could pull off something unexpected. They have some vital pieces of information, including the weaknesses of Goku, Vegeta and even Granolah. For all we know, this fight between the Saiyans and the Cerealian might be just the tip of the iceberg for what’s yet to come.

Now that Vegeta and Goku know the ploy of the Heeters’, they could get Granolah to join their team to attack the real villains. Meanwhile, Elec plans to make Gas stronger and use him, Seven-Three and the Cerealian Dragon Balls to take over Frieza’s army. Frieza is still yet to make his appearance so that’ll be interesting.

The final battle might be between Granolah, Goku and Vegeta VS The Heeters and Frieza. This is assuming Granolah doesn’t take to evil and goes on a rampage, completely giving his mind to hate and vengeance.

Is Granolah stronger than Goku or Vegeta or have they surpassed him? How will Vegeta Vs Granolah turn out? Let us know in the comments below!

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