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Black Clover: Theory About What Happened To Nacht’s Brother


One of the most mysterious characters in Black Clover is Nacht. He popped out of nowhere, claiming to not also be the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls but also having extensive knowledge of devils, the Spade Kingdom, and the Clover Kingdom itself.

To top it off, he is a pragmatic person with extreme preferences in people and situations at all times. He hates Yami for being messy but likes Asta for his honesty and goodness. He even goes as far as chiding the Magic Squad Captains in a meeting with the Wizard King!

However, he proves to be a blessing in disguise (literally) because he helps Asta, the Black Bulls, and the Clover Kingdom prepare for their counterattack. He reveals little information about him, and it is evident that he has a few lingering shadows of the past.

This article attempts to untangle one of the knots from Nacht’s past: his relationship with his brother and what happened to both of them.

What we know from the manga yet

Only a few people recognized Nacht when he marched into the Captains’ meeting with the Wizard King. In fact, the only people to realize his identity were Jack and Julius. If Yami and William were there, they would have recognized him as well because Nacht was a member of the Grey Deer squad along with Yami.

Nacht is cold & hostile towards the Black Bulls
Nacht is cold & hostile towards the Black Bulls

It seems that Nacht completely changed because of his brother’s death. He does not seem to be as hostile and cold in the flashbacks, unlike the present timeline. Nacht also had a seemingly good relationship with his brother.

A loss of a loved one is a usual shounen trope that contributes to changing characters. This angle is more of the emotional side, like Tabata usually enjoys writing for his characters.

The manga has already established that Nacht despises Yami. Yami arbitrarily declared Nacht the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls, probably sometime after his brother’s death. However, Nacht is hostile not just towards him but also the Balck Bulls for being hooligans.

Nacht hates Yami
Nacht hates Yami

But what role did Yami exactly play in Nacht’s life? Yami may have been a part of the reason of his brother’s death, leading Nacht to hate him. His attitude towards good and honest people and disdain towards people like the Dark Triad may stem from this instance too.

Nacht's opinions about the Dark Triad
Nacht’s opinions about the Dark Triad

From all this, if we take the manga’s story at face value, it seems that Nacht is a product of circumstances. There is not much to this character yet.

However, reading in between the lines might have revealed some intriguing insights about Nacht and his brother. After hours of reading and discussions, we have come up with an interesting theory. Before we explain the theory, here is a TL;DR!

Theory on Nacht’s Brother:

In short; We speculate that Nacht is not Nacht at all, but his brother who is possessing his body.

This theory may open many avenues about the Black Clover universe. Soul-swapping is a practice where two users exchange their souls. This might explain Nacht’s devils and wegs, too, because this technique is considered forbidden.

Asta notices Nacht's weg
Asta notices Nacht’s weg

We already saw that souls taking over the bodies of people is completely possible in the Reincarnation arc. But the elves’ souls reincarnated due to the magic stones and the Apostles of Sephirah. If this theory holds, it means that even devils and their magic are capable of something as extraordinary as soul-swapping.

Now that we established our stance, it is time to delve in the details.

Evidence to support the theory

We already know that Julius was the captain of Grey Deer, and William was in the squad around the same time as Yami. From their interactions, it seems that Jack has been Yami’s friend (uh, I mean enemy) for quite a while now. It is no surprise he recognized this “Nacht” as well.

Jack recognizes Nacht from his Grey Deer days with Yami
Jack recognizes Nacht from his Grey Deer days with Yami

Jack even enquires about his identity saying, “aren’t you that person…?” to which Nacht immediately replies, “that man is gone.” This is merely one of the instances where Nacht refrains from revealing about himself.

The wording of his response is a bit suspicious. It almost sounds like a testimony of an imposter. Sure, it is Nacht’s body, but the soul residing in it is actually that of the brother. If that’s the case, then it would perfectly fit the reasoning behind the response.

Nacht's response when enquired about his identity
Nacht’s response when enquired about his identity

Another thing is that Nacht had a cordial relationship with his brother in his flashback, bickering with him in a friendly way. His brother teased him for being a goody-good, while Nacht teases him back about being too free.

The Faust brothers had a cordial relationship
The Faust brothers had a cordial relationship

In the current timeline, Nacht has some firm opinions about good people and what they deserve. He emphasizes this part a lot of times in different conversations. This doesn’t fit in with the Nacht of the past.

Sure, he could have changed due to his brother’s death as we mentioned. But at the moment, we feel that his behaviour resembles his brother more. Meaning, the souls were swapped.

Perhaps seeing his elder brother in a dire or fatal situation, Nacht sacrificed himself to save his brother’s soul, if not his body. This switch could explain why “Nacht” has such deep-rooted feelings about good people getting the right things they deserve.

Nacht feels pretty strongly about good and righteous people
Nacht feels pretty strongly about good and righteous people

Where does the hatred for Yami fit? Either something Yami did endanger the elder brother, and the original Nacht sacrificed himself, or Yami made out of a situation at the cost of the elder brother’s life.

Nobody would forgive someone for doing such a thing. But we are curious if this hate is nothing but a misunderstanding or if Yami also regrets leaving someone to die in his stead.

Next, Nacht also knew the ins and outs of a former noble’s house where he led Asta for the Devil-Binding Ritual. In the same house, we also see a suspicious picture having a whole panel to itself. The picture features four people, most probably the noble, his wife, and two children. Out of the two, one child’s face is completely smeared or torn. Coincidentally, the other child has dark hair, just like Nacht.

Tabata wouldn’t show a frivolous detail in as much focus. So, is the child with dark hair Nacht? If it is so, we can easily guess that this house isn’t of an unknown person, but Nacht’s instead.

Coming back to the picture, usually, shadows/darkness on a person’s picture implies that the person’s death is incoming. But Nacht’s brother had already died. So this mark on his picture does not imply any symbolism.

In that case, a whole different set of questions arise. Who would smear or tear the brother’s face? Did “Nacht” do it? Is it out of disgust? Or maybe shame? Or regret? It might also be possible that the Faust family did it. The way “Nacht” corrected himself to say “former noble” points to some family history indeed.

Asta and Nacht go to a former noble's house
Asta and Nacht go to a former noble’s house

If Nacht’s brother’s carefree and reckless attitude brought him, and by extension to the Faust family, some disgrace, it could explain why the house is in such a bad condition.

Did Nacht’s brother do something to upset people and cause unrest? People attacking the Faust family and leading to that “former” noble part is not a stretch. Such an incident may also tie in with the opinions “Nacht” has about righteous people.

An interesting detail

A small reference to support this theory could be a hint from Nacht’s last name, Faust. Doctor Faustus, or Faust if you would like, is the star of a German myth loosely based on Johann Georg Faust.

Faust is widely known as a necromancer and alchemist. The biggest point of attention is that Faust is also known for selling his soul to the devil in exchange for worldly knowledge and power.

We know the person’s close connections to the devils already. He has quite the knowledge about the devils and the forbidden rituals to be an average devil host. The point of necromancy might actually point to Nacht’s attempts at saving and/or reviving his brother. The line of skulls in the former noble’s abandoned house just might be a series of failed attempts!

The line of skulls in the basement of the house
The line of skulls in the basement of the house

This theory is pretty dark but also perfectly possible if Tabata wishes it to be. It would mean that nobody really knows what happened with Nacht and his brother. It is a small possibility that Yami does, but we can never be too sure.

Whether or not this theory holds true, there is definitely something shady about Nacht and his brother. This seemingly little angle can heavily influence the flow of the story, as we saw with the story of Licht-Lemiel. Tabata is also fond of such foreshadows, so we can’t wait for Nacht’s story unraveling after the Spade Kingdom arc is finished.

Do you have a theory about this too? Or do you agree with any of ours? Let us know in the comments.

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