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Was Zoro Stronger Than Luffy Post Timeskip In One Piece?

Zoro and Luffy

The two-year time skip was very literally the turning point for the Strawhat Pirates. Luffy and his nakamas came back to the seas with a significant boost in their power and prowess. While some displayed their new powers, others were content to sit back and observe. Of them all, we haven’t seen Zoro taking on a battle seriously or taking on a battle at all.

So, just how powerful is he now? has he grown stronger than his captain? Well, how about we find out?

To be fair, there was never a mountainous difference in strength between Luffy and Zoro. If we take Luffy to be the strongest in his crew then Zoro comes to a close second. But it could be that the swordsman has surpassed Luffy in terms of strength.

There are a few lines of reasoning that hint that Zoro might have grown-past his captain, at least till the Raid on Onigashima began.

Zoro hasn’t Shown his True Potential (Yet)

That’s the most solid hunk of the reason we have to support the claim. In Fishman Island Arc and Punk Hazard Arc, we didn’t see much of Zoro. Then came the story of Dressrosa. It was there Zoro received his first challenge or so we thought. We had our swordsman face off against the manly Pica with the voice of Pikachu (you know who that is).

He ate the Ishi Ishi no Mi that allowed him to merge and assimilate with any kind of rock or stone. Cut to the end – he went down to a single attack from Zoro. Oh, and did we mention that Zoro wasn’t using his complete strength?

That’s the only “real” action we have seen coming from Zoro. Apart from that, we see him walking around, enjoying his drink, walking around and getting lost, and enjoying his drink with some company. That pretty much sums up his majority of screen time.

The Fight Against Kaido

Zoro vs Kaido

Let’s talk about the latest chapter in Wano Arc. In chapter 1002, we finally get to see Zoro swinging into action against Kaido. Zoro launched a powerful slash against the Yonko that chopped an entire horn of the skull dome. Kaido barely dodged his attack while thinking if he is eligible for health insurance.

Our persistent swordsman sent off another attack that again missed the Yonko and the latter couldn’t be happier or luckier for that matter. But how does this proves that Zoro was stronger than Luffy post timeskip?

Remember the first time Luffy faced off against Kaido? He was taken down in a single hit. Of course, Luffy trained in the Udon prison and came out much stronger. We never saw Zoro indulging in any special training after the timeskip. Yet he was strong enough to take on the Yonkos.

Of course, he has some help from Enma, the sword waifu. But he was able to wield Enma without much trouble and that probably says a lot about his power levels.

The Power of Enma

Enma Zoro One Piece

We have come down to our final piece of reasoning. With Enma by his side, Zoro is like a monster in Kimono. It was nothing less than amazing to see how quickly Zoro was able to tame the blade. Now, it is shown that even the Scabbards were wary of Enma as it drained too much of the user’s strength.

It could possibly be the reason as to why none of them tried to utilize the strength of Enma. For Zoro, it wasn’t much of a hassle to control its power. Well, we saw a slight glimpse of the newfound power of Zoro against the Emperors of the Sea.

However, Zoro is yet to master Enma. So, there is much room for him to grow. Plus, we still haven’t seen Zoro using his special techniques such as Asura. Our sowrdsman still has many tricks up his sleeves.

It is true that Luffy has grown much stronger now as he smashing Kaido left and right in his fourth gear. It is a given that Luffy surpassed Zoro, after the whole Udon training and mastering of new Haki. And being the protagonist of the series, it is only natural that he continues to surpass everyone. But Zoro isn’t using his all like Luffy and so it becomes difficult to determine his actual power.

So, what do you think? Has Zoro truly surpassed Luffy or is it just an overexaggerated assumption? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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